One year before Russia invaded Ukraine, Our Lady powerfully said: “We are now in a time of trial….Little children, permit for God to speak to your heart, because Satan is reigning and wants to destroy your lives and the earth on which you walk.

The Madonna said that her Son would win, but that Satan would also have his share of victories.
In this present time the difficulties are intensifying. Our Lady said she came to awaken faith in a new world that is without God.

Our Lady says directly: ‘Now It is a time of crisis, let us pray for peace’ and Today we report a new message from the Queen of Peace given to Medjugorje visionary, Ivan on April 2, 2022
Our lady said:”Dear children,

in this time without peace, in which man and humanity are thirsting for God, thirsting for peace, I call you to pray for peace.
Pray for peace, dear children, so that every person in the world can feel the love of peace.
In a particular way, little children, you are invited to live and bear witness to peace, peace in your hearts and peace in your families.
And then peace will flow into the world.
Thank you, dear children, because even today you have responded to my call

The community of Medjugorje calls these special messages “extraordinary messages of the Queen of Peace.” Our Lady asks to continue the prayer to obtain peace, especially in this time of war when people are thirsty for peace!

Who is Ivan?
Ivan was born into a peasant family from Bijacovic. Before the apparitions he had a shy, introverted and taciturn character, but now he testifies to his experience of faith all over the world.
From Our Lady he received nine of the ten secrets; in 1982 the Gospa asked him to form a prayer group which was called the “Queen of Peace”.
Our Lady entrusted him with the task of praying for young people and priests .
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The seer said that before the moment of the apparition he feels the presence of Mary in his heart, then immediately afterwards he sees a very particular light, not comparable to the earthly one.When the Virgin appears to him, everything around him disappears and he finds himself projected out of time and space.