Priest Robert DeGrandis is a member of the Society of St. Joseph, and since 1979 he has been fully dedicated to serving in charismatic Catholic communities – more precisely, to the service of healing. The central message that he spreads is God’s love and the healing power of forgiveness, and thus he touched thousands of people around the world, and many were healed and freed – just by the power of forgiveness.

He was in Croatia

In 2001, this priest also held a seminar in Zagreb’s Sports Center where thousands of Croatian people participated. It reminds us of the simplicity of the Gospel message: to love and heal. People all over the world have been touched by the message that Father DeGrandis spreads through radio, television, seminars and his books, of which there are more than 30 translated into 15 world languages.

Entire families and nations under demon rule

This priest claims in the book Love Forgiveness : ‘When we feel bitterness towards someone, we pity someone so much that we do not forgive them, we open the way for the devil in our life. Many families, let alone entire nations, have been destroyed because of unforgiveness, bitterness, regret and hatred. I firmly believe that these feelings subject people to demonic forces. I have seen and experienced many times how the spirits of unforgiveness, the spirits of anger, the spirits of bitterness, the spirits of hatred are at work,’ writes Father DeGrandis and adds:

It will manifest as an illness

‘Dr. Lorin Swain who writes about the spiritual causes of illness also says that when we hide in bitterness, hatred, and unforgiveness, we eventually succumb to physical illness. If we don’t get rid of these negative feelings, if we allow unforgiveness to be a part of us, then after a while it will affect our physical condition, manifesting as an illness. Ruth Carter Stapleton also argues that the whole meaning of the ministry of inner healing is related to the human openness to receiving forgiveness and forgiving others. I agree that when we ask for forgiveness and show it, we close the door to Evil.”

Many families were destroyed

He further warns: ‘The world around us is in turmoil. This is because there is confusion in people’s hearts. Everything you see in the world around you is a reflection of what is in people’s hearts. Anger, sadness and resentment lie at the root of all crimes and atrocities committed in our cities. Psychologists and psychiatrists who work with prisoners say that they are mostly filled with anger, most often directed at their own parents. About 95% of those convicted of crimes come from broken families where they had various negative experiences. Anger needs venting, and that is why antisocial behavior characterized by brutality towards prisoners is so often observed. And Francis MacNatt says that trusting in the Holy Spirit greatly facilitates the healing process; the same goes for forgiveness. When people are led by the Holy Spirit, He Himself makes them aware of the irresistible need to forgive others, and at the same time enables them to do it more and more completely. The Holy Spirit is always the one who calls us to forgiveness.’

Pray for other people

“We are called to transmit Christ’s love to each other. According to the sacrament of confirmation, each and every Catholic is authorized and obliged to be a witness of the Lord’s love; one way to carry out this “mandate of trust” is to pray with others and for others. When you do that, when you open up in prayer with others and for other people, then you and he experience the healing power of love,’ he says and gives a prayer that has healed thousands of people around the world.

Father DeGrandis’ Prayer of Forgiveness

“Lord Jesus Christ, today I ask you to forgive every person who has hurt me in my life. I know You will give me the strength to do it; thank you for loving me more than I love myself and for wanting my happiness more than I want it for myself.

Lord Jesus, I want to be freed from the feelings of regret, bitterness and unforgiveness towards You that arose in me whenever I thought that You were sending death, difficulties, financial troubles, punishments and diseases to my family.

Lord, in confession I confessed my sins, faults and weaknesses to You. Everything that is very bad about me and that I think is bad – because you forgave me, I also forgive myself. All occult practices, séances, making horoscopes, fortune-telling, casting spells; that I abused your name, that I didn’t worship you, that I hurt my parents, that I got drunk, did drugs; I forgive myself all the sins of impurity, adultery, abortion, theft, lies – I forgive myself today. Thank you Lord for your grace at this time.”

While you continue to pray, forgive from the bottom of your heart your mother, father, brothers and sisters, wife, husband, children, all relatives, colleagues at work, neighbors, your priest, all public figures, employers, teachers, friends. Finally, pray for the grace of forgiveness for that person in your life who has hurt you the most, whom you consider your worst enemy, whom you said you would never forgive.

Thank You, Jesus, that I am free from the evil of unforgiveness. May Your Holy Spirit fill me with light that will illuminate all the dark corners of my mind. Amen.