Medjugorje : Why is nobody talking about this: Mary reveals: “This is the only way to SALVATION”

This is getting too real. Why is nobody talking about this | Mary reveals “This is the only way to salvation”
This time, which has lasted since June 24, 1981, is characterized by an event that is unique in the history of humanity, the presence of Our Lady among us, here on earth.

For many people, the surprise of Our Lady appearing on Apparition Hill in the sacred village is that an event with such a powerful and visible reality continues to be, in large measure, a hidden treasure.
Our Lady speaks of the existence of her reality and she speaks firmly that Her Son provides the only path to Heaven yet so few people, even the Catholic faithful, are talking about it.

On July 2, 2016 in an Apparition with Mirjana Our Lady said:
“Dear children, My real, living presence among you should make you happy because this is the great love of my Son.”

Then on January 2, 2017, in an apparition with Mirjana the Blessed Mother revealed one of Her most powerful messages:
“Dear children, My Son was the source of love and light when he spoke on earth to the people of all peoples.

My apostles, follow His light. This is not easy. You must be little. You must make yourselves smaller than others; with the help of faith to be filled with His love.

Not a single person on earth can experience a miraculous experience without faith. I am with you.

I am making myself known to you by these comings, by these words; I desire to witness to you my love and motherly care.
My children, do not waste time posing questions to which you never receive an answer. At the end of your journey on earth, the Heavenly Father will give them to you. Always know that God knows everything; God sees, God loves.

My most beloved Son illuminates lives, dispels darkness; and my motherly love which carries me to you is inexpressible, mysterious but real. I am expressing my feelings to you: love, understanding and motherly benevolence.

Of you, my apostles, I am asking for your roses of prayer which need to be acts of love. To my motherly heart these are the dearest prayers. I offer these to my Son who was born for your sake.

He looks at you and hears you.

We are always close to you. This is the love which calls, unites, converts, encourages and fulfills. Therefore, my apostles, always love one another and above all, love my Son.

This is the only way to salvation, to eternal life. This is my dearest prayer which fills my heart with the most beautiful scent of roses.
Pray, always pray for your shepherds that they may have the strength to be the light of my Son. Thank you. ”