Dear friends, in two live interviews on Radio Maria, spaced over six years apart, Vicka made extraordinary revelations about the time of secrets, some of which were communicated only by her. Here is the exact transcription of the words in question (Father Livio)

Interview 3 August 2000

Vicka: As for secrets I don’t have much to say. For now I have nine and I’m waiting for the tenth. If and when Our Lady wants to explain them, then we will know more

Father Livio: However, even if the secrets are truly secret, the fact remains that they concern the future and that therefore the apparitions of Medjugorje still have much to reserve for us.

Vicka: Sure, sure.

Father Livio: The game is not over yet.

Vicka: No, no.

Father Livio: We are still in the first half.

Vicka: It’s just started.

Father Livio: Among the similarities between Fatina and Medjugorje there is also the sign. In Fatima, Our Lady had promised it for her last apparition, that of October 1917. Even in Medjugorje there is talk of a sign. The visionaries of Fatima were very sure that Our Lady would give it. Are you so sure about it too?

Vicka: You see, Father Livio, Our Lady has given a great possibility, a great gift to see this sign.

Father Livio: Have you already seen it?

Vicka: We have already seen it and when the time comes there will certainly be a sign on the mountain of the apparition.

Father Livio: Will everyone be able to see it?

Vicka: Everyone and it remains forever.

Father Livio: Does it remain forever?

Vicka: Yes, it remains forever as proof that Our Lady was here among us.

Father Livio: Do ​​we have to come to Medjugorje to see it?

Vicka: You have to come here to us, here on the mountain.

Father Livio: Do ​​we have to go up the mountain or can we see it from afar?

Vicka: But, Father Livio, you want me to slowly tell you everything….

Father Livio: I ask you because Jakov said that to see him we must come to Medjugorje. It is not difficult to imagine a large crowd of people at that moment…

Vicka:  Yes, to see it you have to come to Medjugorje.

Father Livio: Will you still be alive when the sign comes?

Vicka: I don’t know. But I hope so.

Father Livio: And will I be alive?

Vicka: But, father, you are not too old yet. But I think so and then there are still many things to do.

Father Livio: Indeed, Radio Maria is installed in various languages ​​in only thirty nations of the world and we would like to reach all of them.

Vicka: You still have a lot to do.

Father Livio:  I understand. Retirement is far away . Will it be a sign of hope?

Vicka: Yes, of hope.

Father Livio: With joy?

Vicka With joy, but a beautiful thing, understand?


Interview end December 2006

FATHER LIVIO – I too have learned to live “day by day”, in the sense that I entrust myself to the Lord day by day without looking too much into the future but doing the work I have to do every day. You once said in an interview that as regards the events of Medjugorje we are only at the beginning thinking about everything that will have to happen. It seems to me that we have a particularly challenging moment in history before us.

VICKA – Our Lady speaks of her plan that must be realized and that we must help her with our prayers, even now. She still hasn’t revealed anything to us about this plan of hers.

FATHER LIVIO – What is known, however, is that there will be a time for the Ten Secrets.

VICKA – Of course.

FATHER LIVIO – I was impressed by the fact that the messages he addresses to the Parish never talk about the Ten Secrets.

VICKA – The fact contained in the Secrets concerns the whole world. He doesn’t talk about it because evidently it’s not yet the time to talk about it to everyone. She will give a sign when we can start talking about it, when the time is ripe.

FATHER LIVIO – But we logically think, given that the story has been going on for 25 years now, that the time of the Ten Secrets cannot begin until the tenth secret is revealed to you, Marija and Ivan. Because the last time something happened here in Medjugorje from this point of view was in 1998 when the tenth secret was given to Jakov. Eight years have passed since then and nothing has happened yet.

VICKA – The three of us are waiting, I have never asked the Madonna for anything. We don’t do it out of fear but because we know that she has her own plans and I have to do what she wants.

FATHER LIVIO – However, I was impressed by the fact that when last June 25th she appeared to Ivanka, Our Lady explained the Seventh Secret to her. So it’s something real, current!

VICKA – Of course it’s true!

FATHER LIVIO – However, people think that only Mirjana is involved with the Ten Secrets.

VICKA – No, we are all involved. The only difference is that Mirjana chose Father Petar to announce the secrets to the world, but each of us has a task of hers.

FATHER LIVIO – Our Lady once said that after the Third Secret there will still be one of you who will have daily apparitions.

VICKA – Yes, it’s one of us, then we’ll see who it is.

FATHER LIVIO – Don’t you know who he is?


FATHER LIVIO – But is it one of you three or one of you six?

VICKA – One of us three.

FATHER LIVIO – But after the Fourth Secret there will no longer be anyone to have the daily apparitions?

VICKA – We’ll see…

FATHER LIVIO – Therefore after the Third Secret he will remain a seer, among those to whom the daily apparitions now continue.

VICKA – Exactly, the three of us: me, Marija and Ivan. The three of us who only know nine of the Ten Secrets. We’ll see who will have the apparitions left to one of the three of us.

FATHER LIVIO – Even after the secrets?

VICKA – Even after.

FATHER LIVIO – Very interesting. I don’t know if people realize the importance of this statement.

VICKA – The Third Secret concerns the sign that Our Lady will leave on the mountain of apparitions, a sign that will remain forever. Another secret is given to each of us visionaries and it is a personal matter. The Seventh Secret has instead been partly canceled following our prayers but not completely, and Our Lady would like us to pray even more because through our prayers we can also modify others [note that true prophecies are always conditional, ed. ].

FATHER LIVIO – But you said that during the time of secrets there will still be one of you who will have the daily apparitions. What you told me is very important because it means that during the time of the Ten Secrets, certainly a time of trial, Our Lady will remain among us.

VICKA – Yes, yes.

FATHER LIVIO – So he will also be able to give messages.

VICKA – Of course.

FATHER LIVIO – This is a great grace.

VICKA – It seems like a surprise, but Our Lady said this clearly.

FATHER LIVIO – I do this as an interviewer because I am personally convinced that when the Ten Secrets occur I will already be in Heaven.

VICKA – Father Livio, you don’t know how many graces the Madonna has given to you, because you were ready to respond in such a way that the Madonna found one of her radios. You don’t know how much he loves you and I see that you too respond with all love. You must continue to convey this message of yours without getting tired because we still have so much to do.

FATHER LIVIO – Instead I think that at my age I will see the Ten Secrets from Heaven by now…

VICKA – No, dearest brother, you never know at what age you will leave this earth. I never think about this. I feel inside me that a lot can still be done.

FATHER LIVIO – So no pension for me.

VICKA – No! Life is beautiful, it is we who complicate it. He who loves himself loves life, he who does not love himself cannot love anything.