‘Always keep in mind!’ – Mother Teresa dedicated this prayer to all mothers!

Always keep in mind
that the skin wrinkles ,
the hair turns white,
the days are transformed into years.


But what is important
it does not change; your strength
and your belief
they have no age.
Your spirit is the glue
of any spider ‘s web .
Behind every finish line
there is a starting line.
Behind every success
there is another disappointment .
Until you’re alive,
feel alive.
If you miss what you did,
come back to do it.

Do not live on yellowed photos …
insist even if everyone
they expect them to leave.
Do not let it get rusty
the iron in you.
Make sure instead
of compassion,
they bring you respect.
When because of the years
you will not be able to run,
walk fast.
When you can not
walk fast, walk.
When you can not
walk, use the stick .
But never stop.

(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)