The occult symbolism on them is well hidden, be careful!

Have you heard about the dangerous rosaries that satanists have produced in the Catholic world to deceive Catholics? This is exactly what the Filipino exorcist warned against.

‘Be careful because those rosaries can be under a curse’ warned Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, exorcist of the Diocese of Novaliches. He warned that occult symbols were placed on the rosaries during curse rituals and that they were by no means harmless. He warned that these rosaries are most often made of plastic and contain the symbolism of the sun with rays, a snake wrapped around a cross or a pentagram that can only be seen when you take a closer look at the rosary.

But sometimes, the exorcist claims, there should be no symbol on the rosary for it to be cursed .

Fr. Phillippe de Guzman, assistant Philippine exorcist revealed that these rosaries were discovered even before they had cases of demonic attacks due to such items. As a safety measure, they recommended the mandatory blessing of every rosary that you bring into your home , and if you notice anything suspicious, it is recommended that you take it to exorcist prayers as well. Be careful where and from whom you buy religious items.

Exorcists noted that spiritual beings, i.e. demons and satanism are truly real and that occult objects should be avoided. They added that Satanists often use Catholic religious objects without a priest’s blessing for their activities and that a blessing is the best defense against their activities. Of course, dressing up as angels of light, it is possible that satanic groups have put rosaries with demonic symbolism on the Catholic market, but if you carefully examine the rosary and bless it, there is no reason to fear!

In the video, see what Satanic rosaries ‘caught’ on the Catholic market look like: