Mysterious Photo of Virgin Mary on Apparition Hill in Medjugorje posted on Facebook by Famous Journalist Stirs the Internet

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On 24 May, famous Italian writer, friend of Pope Francis, and well known television journalist Paolo Brosio posted on Facebook a remarkable  photo on his Facebook page. The post also included a story of visionary Ivan testifying to his apparition of the Queen of Peace on Apparition Hill in Medjugorje. Mr. Brosio’s photo  triggered thousands of comments , many of them critical for certain reasons but others rejoiced in the photo with the likeness of the Virgin Mary

Here is Paolo Brosio’s post on Facebook.

Dear friends, last night our lady appeared at 22,00 on the hill of podbrdo to medjugorje to seer Ivan and prayed unceasingly for peace in the world!
I’ll show you a picture taken last night during this apparition!
Usually these extraordinary appearances in public are required by the Madonna to seer the previous day during the daily personal appearance. So Ivan has received Sunday afternoon at 17,40 p.m. the call from the lady to go to yesterday on the hill of podbrdo.
Here’s the text of the seer:
” dearly beloved, buy ativan like after every appearance, I would like to bring and describe to you what was more important than the meeting tonight. Also tonight the lady came to us joyful and happy.
Just arrived, he greeted us all with his mother’s greeting: “praise be to Jesus, my dear children”.
Then she prayed in particular on the sick and over them all with your hands outstretched.
The Madonna has been praying for a long period of time for peace in the world. Following has blessed us all and things get with her motherly blessing.
Then I recommended you all, your needs, your intentions, your families and in particular the sick.
Following the Madonna prayed for a period of time for the priests and for vocations in the church.
After continued to pray on all of us present, and in this prayer is gone in the sign of the light and of the cross, with the greeting: “go in peace, my dear children”.
I would like to stress that the Madonna prayed most of the time of the apparition of tonight for peace in the world.”

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  • Thanks for God for giving uss time and sending the much joyfull in the world, our mother holy mary and the mother of his son our lord Jesus. Amen

  • May God have mercy on America especially and give us all strength in our daily lives.

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