ALETEIA writes: Being the “queen mother,” Mary has a special role in salvation history and continues to come to the aid of God’s people whenever they call upon her. It is a great mystery, but countless saints have reinforced over the centuries that the closer one gets to Mary, the closer one is brought to her Son.

Pope Benedict XVI similarly promoted this reality and pointed to a quote from St. Bernard of Clairvaux when visiting Heiligenkreuz Abbey in Austria. The quote is a summary of Catholic belief when it comes to Marian intercession, and reassures us that whenever we invoke the name of Mary, we will be brought closer to Jesus.

In the words of Saint Bernard, I invite everyone to become a trusting child before Mary, even as the Son of God did. Saint Bernard says, and we say with him:

“Look to the star of the sea, call upon Mary … in danger, in distress, in doubt, think of Mary, call upon Mary.

May her name never be far from your lips, or far from your heart
If you follow her, you will not stray; if you pray to her, you will not despair;
if you turn your thoughts to her, you will not err.
If she holds you, you will not fall; if she protects you, you need not fear;
if she is your guide, you will not tire;
if she is gracious to you, you will surely reach your destination”.

Here are five way invoking the Virgin Mary’s name provides spiritual benefits

  1. It unites us to Christ. When we invoke the name of Mary, we are calling on her to pray for us to her Son, Jesus Christ. This unites us to Christ in a special way, as we are asking his mother to intercede for us.
  2. It helps us to grow in faith. Mary is a model of faith for us. She believed in God’s promises even when it was difficult, and she never wavered in her trust in him. When we invoke her name, we are reminded of her faith, and we are inspired to grow in our own faith.
  3. It gives us hope. Mary is a source of hope for us. She knows what it is to suffer, but she also knows the power of God’s love and mercy. When we invoke her name, we are reminded of her hope, and we are given strength to face our own challenges.
  4. It brings us peace. Mary is a mother to us all. She is always there for us, and she always wants what is best for us. When we invoke her name, we are filled with her peace, and we are reminded that we are never alone.
  5. It helps us to love others. Mary is the mother of all people. She teaches us to love others as she loved her Son, Jesus Christ. When we invoke her name, we are reminded of her love, and we are inspired to love others more deeply.

Invoking the Virgin Mary’s name is a powerful way to grow in our spiritual life. It unites us to Christ, helps us to grow in faith, gives us hope, brings us peace, and helps us to love others. If you are looking for ways to deepen your relationship with God, I encourage you to start by invoking the name of Mary.

Here are some other ways to invoke the Virgin Mary’s name:

  • Pray the Rosary.
  • Sing Marian hymns.
  • Read Marian literature.
  • Visit Marian shrines.
  • Make a pilgrimage to Lourdes or Fatima.
  • Wear a Marian medal or scapular.
  • Incorporate the name of Mary into your daily prayers.

No matter how you choose to invoke the Virgin Mary’s name, know that she is always listening and that she will always answer your prayers.