Medjugorje Miracle: “Jesus smiled at me and took me by the hand…Then I got up a walked”


Source: La Luce Di Maria

Gigliola Candian can tell of an immense grace, received in Medjugorje. She lives in Fossò, in the province of Venice, but on September 13, 2014, she was in that holy place, where she had arrived on a wheelchair. 
“On that date I did not even have to be there because my friends were getting married on that day, I also bought the dress”.

Medjugorje: “I saw the face of Jesus who smiled at me”

Gigliola Candian was suffering from a severe form of atypical multiple sclerosis, for a good 10 years, and now she could not move her legs anymore. 
“I was in the chapel on my wheelchair , there were also other people and the priest that evening, he made a mass of physical healing. 
He invited me to close my eyes and laid my hands on me, at that moment I felt a great heat in my legs and I saw a strong white light, inside the light, I saw the face of Jesus who was smiling at me.

I began to take the first two steps , I looked like a robot, then I took two more firm steps and I even managed to bend my knees. 
I felt like walking on the water, at that moment I felt Jesus holding my hand and I began to walk. 
There were people who were crying, praying and clapping at the sight of what was happening.

Since then my wheelchair has ended in a corner, I use it only when I travel long distances, but I try not to use it anymore because now my legs are able to keep me on my feet “. 
The miracle mentioned by Gigliola Candian is currently being examined by the experts, but, in the meantime, her life has radically changed, from the days when she was ill, and she feels obliged to witness it to everyone.

“Spiritually, I pray much more especially at night. I feel more sensitive to perceiving both good and evil and evil, thanks to our prayer, we manage to overcome it. Good always wins over evil. 
On a physical level, a great change is that I no longer use the wheelchair, I can walk and now I support with a walker, before I could only do 20 meters, now I can walk even miles without getting tired.

Antonella Sanicanti