Medjugorje: The Greatest Mystery – “Be READY Dear EARTH it HAS ALREADY BEGUN”

The power of Medjugorje is that everything about it is impossible.

Without warning the mystery simply came out of the clear blue sky and appeared on a hill in what was then Yugoslavia on June 24, 1981.

That’s what six ordinary teenagers told an unbelieving world.And what they told the world is: “We see what we see, and what we see is the Mother of Christ. She is beautiful and comes from Heaven.

They say her beauty is not of this earth. It is not our kind of beauty. That it is something ethereal. Something heavenly, something you will only see in paradise and then only to a certain degree.

The six visionaries have said many things for many years.

The  six children have told the world that the Virgin Mary has important and specific  messages for mankind.

Peace peace and only peace. Peace must reign between God and man and among all people.

This was the first and most important message for the world.

And nobody on earth has been able to challenge the humble seer’s claims. Not the communist party and the secret police, not atheist doctors, not even the threat torture or prison.

A massive five year investigation launched by Pope Benedict XVI concluded the visionaries are authentic and truthful.

Simply put, the six visionaries,  through their words and deeds, have provided the most credible testimony to the existence of God in modern times.

The extraordinary claims that the visionaries see and talk to the mother of Christ have been made for all the world to see – nothing is hidden.

Unlike anytime in history the internet has made the mysterious encounter between man and another realm visible.

For 40 years, the six seers, encrusted by the Virgin Mary, have delivered messages  meant for the entire world. The messages implore the world to  reconcile and return to God.

And millions of people have listened, The Vatican now estimates that over two million people find their way to Medjugorje each year. 

The importance of Medjugorje as the spiritual heart of the world can be summed up well by the words of the former Vatican Envoy to Medjugorje. He said: “You can say to the whole world that there is a light with Medjugorje, and we need these spots of light in a world that is going down in darkness. So friends be carriers of this joyful news.”