Ivan’s Christmas Card for the world “Our Lady gives us the remedy”

Ivan Dragicevic⭐️Medjugorje


My dear friends in Christ,

Our lives have been changed since the temporary darkness of this storm has entered the Church and the world. Life seems complicated and uncertain; our hearts are restless. Many feel anxious and frightened. We seek clarity; we seek light; we seek true peace.

Now more than ever, our Mother’s voice is being heard. Our Lady is the new voice calling out in the desert: “Do not be afraid of the storm! It is more important to prepare your hearts for the Lord! Live in hope!“
Our Lady gives us the remedy of hope: conversion, prayer from the heart (especially the Rosary), active reading of the Scriptures, frequent confession, fasting and Holy Mass.
For nearly 40 years Our Lady has asked us to pray for the realization of her plans.
Dear friends, these plans come from our Father. “Thy will be done”. It is Our Lady’s will that we live in “joyful hope” every day, in the faith that Jesus gave us in the Gospel. St. Paul tells us that “hope does not disappoint.” Hope is the “anchor of the soul.”
Christmas is a time of great “joyful hope.” It is not simply a sense of optimism. It is the truth. That truth is Jesus Christ. Jesus, our Savior, through the Virgin Mary, came to earth as a man to select and understand us, heal and raise, liberate and transform us into new beautiful creations. Only Jesus is our peace. Jesus is our true hope.
Christmas does not apply to expensive gifts that emphasize our wallet and our time. Joy is the real gift of Christmas.
Our Lady says, “Dear children, I want you to become carriers of the peace and joy of God into this world.” Wear it simply: smile a lot, laugh often, do kind gestures, and offer forgiveness.
I pray that you will strive to find the deepest of all joys: the knowledge of Christ’s joy. I pray in a special way that Jesus may be born anew in your hearts.
The Gospel tells us that God is revealed to the little ones. To experience the birth of Jesus means just that — to become small and to approach the deep mystery of the Christmas Nativity scene. The celebration of Christmas invites us to discern the essential from the unimportant things in life.

Therefore, we ask the Lord for perseverance on this path and perfection in faith and love. We pray that we be honest and authentic Christians.

In this spirit, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New 2021 Year!

Peace and good!

Yours,Ivan, Laureen, Kristina, Mikayla, Daniel and Mathew.