Nun Says Not an Exorcist but Discovered Power To Drive Demons Away at Medjugorje

Originally Published at La Luce Di Maria

Sister Giustina has always lived devotion in a particular way, but since she went on pilgrimage to Medjugorje for the first time she understood that she had received from God the gift of driving out demons from the faithful possessed. In telling this divine virtue the specific sister who has never done an exorcism (because without the authorization of a bishop can not do it) but that her prayers of liberation, thanks to the intercession of Our Lady, are very powerful and have helped more than one person.

Born in 1940 in Belluno , Giustina Tabacchitook her vows in 1964 and from that moment on she dedicated her life to the adoration of the Madonna. Assigned to the diocese of Parma, the nun went Medjugorje at the end of the 90s, a period in which she returned from her native village to assist her sick parents.After the first trip to Bosnia many others followed in the course of which he was able to assist and free many people possessed.

The obsessives manifest themselves during the apparition to Mirjana

Among the many cases that occurred before his eyes, what has remained impressed is certainly the diabolical possession manifested during the apparition to Mirjana . It was not the first time that she happened to pray for the souls of the faithful possessed, but on previous occasions she had never witnessed the appearance of an obsessed during an apparition. From that day Sister Giustina remembers how the faithful were praying with participation around Mirjana while waiting for Our Lady to appear: “We have identified five obsessives who wriggled- explains the nun-, they skimmed and wriggled. I felt pushed towards one of them and I scolded the spirit that possessed her, commanding him to leave her. A colored priest also came to help me in prayer, and he ordered the demons to obey me. The woman was freed and at that point many people asked me to pray for their needs “.

Even Sister Giustina was impressed by that event, still remembers it with wonder, and that is why she adds to the story: “It is not for my power, I try only to respond to the divine inspirations. It is a gift from God and we are only his own “.

Luca Scapatello