“I returned from Medjugorje with a new awareness”

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Good morning Father Livio, I too know, like many others, at the beginning I didn’t believe in Medjugorje. I grew spiritually with Radio Maria, with its catechesis, as well as, obviously, in church, with the sacraments.

But precisely because I listen to Radio Maria I could not ignore Medjugorje, which is at the center of the radio itself. So I informed myself, I read and saw videos, testimonies, interviews with the visionaries, and so I became convinced of the veracity of these apparitions, and just a year ago, in this period and for the first time, I joined a group of pilgrims from Mendrisio who have been going to Medjugorje for 30 years.

There I experienced the presence of the supernatural and received many graces. The confession was different than usual, stronger, more liberating. It was like lifting a boulder from my heart. I returned home with a new awareness.

In Medjugorje I bought a little book in a small shop that I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy, but the modest price (€5) convinced me.

All of Our Lady’s messages are there. Today, having this little book with me is a gift from the Lord. You see, at first I found the Medjugorje messages a bit banal, (God forgive me) but reading them more carefully and meditating on them is a completely different matter.

It seems that Our Lady wants to tell us in a simple way what is already written in the Gospels (God’s patience with us humans is truly infinite!) and in some way telling us today is like renewing those same words contained in the Gospels. It is clear that the messages cannot in any way replace the gospels, but having all of Our Lady’s messages at hand and being able to meditate on them at any time is a real spiritual formation.

Finally, I tell you that when I need comfort, or feel insecure, or have to make a decision, I pray, then I open a page at random and… believe me: I find the answer.

God be blessed

Thank you Most Holy Mother

Ave Maria


We look at everyone with new eyes

Maria becomes a living person

Dear Marco,

you could not describe with truer and simpler words what many people experience who go on pilgrimage to Medjugorje. It is an internal transformation that affects the eyes and the heart.

The eyes now see what they did not see before, because the light of grace reveals the vision of life in a supernatural perspective. We see ourselves and the world from Heaven’s point of view and discover its presence in the conduct of our day.

The heart in turn opens to the wonder of the celestial Jerusalem, whose real existence we discover and from which the Virgin Mary descends to bring paradise here on earth.

All the truths of faith in which we believe become alive and sources of joy and strength on our journey towards eternity.

From the pilgrimage to Medjugorje you return changed inside, which rarely happens in other places, because there the Madonna is alive and, by making her presence felt, changes people’s lives.

Conversion is the greatest of miracles, because a dead soul is resurrected to new life by the power of God and becomes a source of light and life in this world of souls who sleep the sleep of death.

Those who do not have the grace to have this experience are unable to understand the mysterious presence that gives rise to it and defend themselves by armoring themselves in denial. It happens that family members, friends and even men of the Church look at you with ill-concealed suspicion.

How many people in Medjugorje have discovered Heaven and welcomed it into their lives, moving from a dead faith to a living faith? They are an increasingly vast sea which, in the time of secrets, will flood the earth, transforming it into an immense garden of celestial peace.

Ave Maria

Father Livio

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