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The time of the Secrets will be a time of great trials with which the Queen of Peace will achieve victory. With the events of the Secrets, Our Lady will change the world. It is important to understand why already with the first Satan Secret you will begin to lose power.

When we get to the heart of the Secrets, the priest appointed by Mirjana will have to say exactly the words written on the parchment indicating what will happen, where it will happen, the exact moment and duration of the event. The first Secret, told three days before, will spread throughout the world very quickly; the town of Medjugorje will have to decide what to do. Compared to the original population of Medjugorje, which was very united in faith, during the war time other populations were added who had fled from the center of Bosnia and people from other origins; this new population, which was added to the original one, was much more skeptical and more lukewarm.

Currently we can see that in Medjugorje not everyone believes in the Secrets and the apparitions, it is precisely the people who arrived from outside who did not experience the heroism of the origins and the fervor of the first apparitions. In this historical moment in Medjugorje there is this sowing of discord which the Queen of Peace spoke about in the Message of February 25, 2024: «The discord has taken many hearts and they have become sterile» .

With the first Secret, this phase in which we try to preserve Medjugorje as a Sanctuary to be preserved but there is no mention of apparitions, Messages and Secrets, will inevitably be put into crisis.

On October 25, 1985, the Queen of Peace showed Mirjana the first Secret and the visionary was very shocked by what she saw because a misfortune will strike Medjugorje. On October 26, 1985 Mirjana spoke about what she had seen with Father Petar Ljubicic, who at that time had already been chosen as the priest who would reveal the Secrets to the world. Mirjana said that the first Secret “will not be a pleasant thing.” It will be “something people will hear about for a long time.” “Everyone, everywhere, will immediately hear about the first Secret.” It does not mean, however, that people will rush to the place where the first Secret has just occurred and added: «Certainly no one wants to see disasters, anguish, and bad luck. I don’t think this kind of thing appeals to people at all. Why would people go to see things like that? It’s one thing to go and see a sign, it’s another to go and see suffering or a disaster. Who would want, for example, to go to Italy to see a dam collapse?

Suppose that the event of the first Secret, announced three days before it happens, is the flood of Medjugorje caused by the breaking of a dam located not far from the Sanctuary. It is clear that, in light of the fact that many in Medjugorje do not believe that Our Lady continues to appear and therefore do not believe either in the Messages or in the Secrets, people will have to decide whether or not to believe the announcement made three days before the event happens. Whoever believes will be saved, whoever does not believe will remain there and will have no escape. When the event happens, because it is certain that it will happen, what will those who have not believed and perhaps even discredited the announcement of the Secret, what will they do?

When the event of the second Secret, also announced three days before, occurs, it is clear that the group of doubters will begin to thin out. Then when the sign on the mountain appears (visible, beautiful, lasting, which comes from God) the whole world will rush to understand the nature of this sign, examine it, study it. The third Secret will have a worldwide echo and at that point the Church will have to pronounce itself, it will have to give its judgment responsibly. Personally I have no doubt that at that moment the Church will officially recognize the apparitions of Medjugorje.

From now until the third Secret, when the sign on the mountain will be unequivocally of divine origin, let’s let people play their cards, let’s leave them the freedom to believe or not. In the end, each of us will reap the good wheat or the weeds. The inhabitants of Medjugorje themselves are divided in this sense and the new generations know little about the apparitions.

Our Lady is trying to make people return to the fervor of their origins. The words of the message of September 25, 2023 are very clear because they warn against modernism that denies the supernatural and are a call to return to the faith of the first apparitions, when people prayed day and night: «Dear children! I invite you to strong prayer. Modernism wants to enter your thoughts and steal from you the joy of prayer and of the encounter with Jesus. Therefore, my dear children, renew prayer in your families, so that my maternal heart may be joyful as in the first days when I chose you and the answer was prayer day and night and the sky was not silent but gave abundant peace and blessing to this place of grace. Thank you for answering my call.”

Modernism has affected Medjugorje in part, it has insinuated doubts about the apparitions, the Secrets, the Messages and the presence of the Madonna! With humility, in obedience to ecclesiastical authority, with the utmost respect for the Church and for the Holy Father, let each one personally decide what to do in the face of this event which is the only one that can save the world. Only Our Lady can save the world, because this is the mission that her Son entrusted to her. Let us pray that there will be more and more people who get involved in this saving work because other than Our Lady there is no possibility that humanity will emerge intact from this terrible diabolical attack that is underway.

Let us not underestimate Our Lady, already during the war in Bosnia she said: «Satan is making fun of you and your souls, and I cannot help you because you are far from my Heart» (25 March 1992). Let us be careful, let us welcome the Message of January 1st if we desire the blessing that Our Lady promised us for us, for our children and for our children’s children: «Thank you because you responded to my call and prayed for my intentions . Neither you nor your children nor your children’s children will regret it . “

Satan is playing his cards to discredit Medjugorje, in fact the messages of the last year alarm us in this sense. We must welcome the words of the Queen of Peace, let us welcome her call. Satan wants to undermine Medjugorje through disbelief and lukewarmness. In Medjugorje people go on pilgrimage because the Madonna really exists, because she appears to the visionaries. I hope that there is an awakening of faith from torpor, this is what Our Lady desires!

Father Livio