Dearest Father Livio,

I was very struck by an expression during your program Christian reading of news and history: “The Medjugorje secrets are a prophecy in progress”. I stopped to reflect on these words. Did a question come to me spontaneously?
Why now when you talk about the ten secrets of Medjugorje do people listen to you and no longer laugh at you? In my opinion the reason is very simple. Because those who have eyes to see realize that events that have never happened in history are happening in the world. People are starting to think.

It is not only the wars and the hatred that devastates the world that make it clear that we have entered a time of “great tribulation”, but also the hatred against Religion and against Christ, the abandonment of the faith by many faithful .

But also floods, natural disasters, and many other things. It is the whole world scenario that helps us understand Our Lady’s expression “now that Satan reigns” (message of March 25, 2020). Everything that is happening portends the imminent announcement of the secrets.

If the secrets of Medjugorje are “a prophecy in progress”, it means that the things that must happen soon are already starting to manifest themselves. What do we have to do? I think we should prepare as God wants.

 The evangelical phrase: “Be ready!” today takes on a very particular drama. I am reciting the Rosary every day with a special thought for peace. And with a particular intention for my family.

I have a thought for the people dear to me who have distanced themselves from the Church, or have never gone. How will they react to “terrible events”? I hope they return as soon as possible. The return to God and the sacraments is our only salvation.

Thank you Father Livio for your reflections which strengthen us in faith.
God always protect her. A fraternal hug.

Ave Maria!
Donated by Milan

Dear Donato,

those who follow Medjugorje know that what Our Lady has revealed from the beginning has been taking place in the world and in the hearts of men.

On the one hand, Satan’s plan, aimed at dissolving faith and perverting souls. On the other, Mary’s plan to call humanity back to God and bring it into a time of peace.

The light that the Queen of Peace lit with her daily coming to earth has continued to intensify, despite the barriers of indifference and hostility.

At the same time, iniquity has spread like never before in the history of the world and the race towards the abyss has become unstoppable.

Men alone can do nothing against the power of evil that has conquered them and is pushing them to the bottom of the abyss.

In their dementia they have resigned themselves to Armageddon, which they now threaten and which tomorrow could be the choice that hell wants above all else. Satan dreams of the world burning and the hoarding of souls who have become his image.

The testimony of the “apostles of Mary” is placed in this context, so that people who have preserved their intellect know that there is a way of salvation.

It is through these lights that the Virgin, powerful against evil, will make herself known to the world and will lead converted humanity on the path of salvation and peace.

Ave Maria

Father Livio