Medjugorje: Vicka’s words from Heaven… This life advice will change your furture

Vicka of Medjugorje (2006)

VICKA – Our Lady has been coming here on Earth for years, and for me this fact is truly a great joy, a joy that cannot be described!

I feel like a living instrument of Our Lady and I want to do everything for her. When I am in front of people I try to convey that joy, that beauty, that love of Our Lady to all the pilgrims who come here.

What we must count, however, are not so much these years that have passed but how many graces we have grasped, because these years have been years of great graces.

As Our Lady has already said, her presence here among us means that they are moments of great graces and we must look at how much we have changed and converted.

She told us not to look so much at the external beauty, destined to end, as at the internal one, destined to last.

For me every day is as if Our Lady had come for the first time, because it brings us a joy, a serenity … a peace that cannot be described because such a peace can only come from heaven, you can see it right on the face of the Madonna. how good it takes . Her face is a face of light and love. This is the most important thing.

She did not come to say new things compared to what is written in the Gospel and in the Bible, but she came to wake us up because we are too far from all these things. Heaven then I can say that it exists because I was there with Our Lady: one day she took me by the hand and took me with my body to see Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. This is why I can say with all my heart and truth that it really exists.

It was Our Lady who guided us: she took my right hand and Jakov took my left. Even before leaving Jakov had complained because he was afraid of never going back and had asked Our Lady to bring only me since in my family there are many brothers and sisters while he was an only child.

At that moment I was thinking: how many hours and how many days will it last? where will we go? above or below, etc …

Our Lady took us both by the hand and led us standing in front. You saw the roof of the house where we were open and in a second we found ourselves in Heaven. There was a large space there with a light that does not exist here on Earth.

People were all the same, neither thin nor fat, dressed in three colors: gray, yellow and red. Everyone turned, sang and prayed, and around there they were also little angels that flew. Our Lady told us: look how happy these people are who are here in Heaven. It was a joy that cannot be described because it does not exist here on Earth.

We are here on Earth only passengers.

Our Lady knows, knows the times in which we live and wants to do everything possible to save us. Once we asked Our Lady how long she would stay with us and she replied saying: are you already tired of me? So I decided not to ask him again. These are times of great grace and the fact that Our Lady is present here among us is the greatest grace.

You have made it clear that this is your last coming to Earth.

I am aware that I have been called as her instrument, and this I do. I tell her: I want to follow you and do whatever you want. I want to be at your complete disposal and you know what I can do.

Each day must be a day of conversion. None of us can say “I am converted” but we can say “I want” . I too cannot say that I am converted, I know I am walking and I know that every day we must try to take a step forward and pray that God will give us the grace for our conversion. All life must be a journey of conversion.

Our Lady sees that there are many, among those who arrive in Medjugorje, who bring her message to the places where they live. She does not expect one big thing, but many small things done with love and humility.

It is useless to pray for hours if you then just pray with your mouth: in this way a person feels more empty inside than before. The important thing is to start praying a little, but what one prays must be prayed with the heart and with love. That is our relationship between us and God. What might others care about how long we have prayed today? If we boast of the time we use in prayer it means that we do it for our own vainglory , and this is useless. Things must be done with heart, with love and with joy.

Fasting must be on bread and water, but for sick people it is enough that small sacrifices are made such as not taking sweets, coffee or anything else so that we all give up something we like. On the other hand, a person who is fine and does not want to fast and finds a thousand excuses not to do so means that he does not have a strong will.

With our strong will, everything can be done because it all depends on our choice. Fasting serves to train our will. And when Our Lady recommends for fasting to eat only bread and water, it does not mean not eating anything or eating other things. Our Lady spoke clearly, if you want to eat other things like pasta etc. this is up to you.

There are many who start fasting but then say they can’t, struggle, become more nervous, etc. However, this is not a real fast because fasting does not only mean not eating but serves to help inner purification. We cannot fast first and then do the other things badly : we must fast with heart and love.

The same thing must be done in prayer: when you ask for some grace with the heart and with love, Jesus and Mary are always ready to help, but if you ask without love then grace never comes.

Every day we are ready to ask, but little to give. Instead we should be happier when we are ready to give something. When we are ready to give something of ourselves, then even the graces come first.

We must not turn in prayer saying: today I want this, I ask you for this, etc. It almost seems like a sale: I ask you this to get something else in return.

This way of doing then leads us to distance ourselves from Jesus and Mary as soon as we have obtained what we needed and then return when we need something else. Our Lady as a mother understands that this is a wrong way to behave.

One must be ready to give some small sacrifice and when something is given then one can ask and the graces arrive.We must not then ask by saying: today I need this. It is not necessary to put before what I want but what the Lord wants. We must put ourselves in the perspective of being at God’s disposal and say: O Lord, you know the desires of my heart, I offer you my sufferings and do as you want. The important thing is to do the will of the Lord.

A grace cannot be bought, but only lived day by day.

All the pilgrims who arrive want to hear the messages of Our Lady, but it is also nice to feel united when we pray.

When one begins to pray, everyone becomes happier, and this happens regardless of the nationality of the people and the language in which they pray. Everyone is praying, and by praying they seek themselves.

We see that today man is dry with love and God.

Everything passes and goes, the only thing that remains is his truth and his love. Man cannot live without prayer and without true love, and the only one who can give it to us is only God.

Today the problem in families and in the Church is that prayer is lacking and without prayer there is no love.

Trust in God is lacking today and for that we have distanced ourselves from God. Today in families and parishes we no longer speak to each other, and this is the field in which satan dominates. Our Lady, on the other hand, tells us that without prayer we cannot go on.In your families it is as if there were a vase of flowers to water.

If you put a little water in this vase every day you will notice that the flowers grow and become beautiful. The same thing is true for our heart: if we put two or three prayers made with the heart, then we see that our love grows more and more.

If, on the other hand, we do not water the flower, we realize that after a while the flower fades and dies. The same happens when we have to start praying but we find a thousand excuses not to do it: today I am tired, I will pray tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and we postpone it until the day after tomorrow. Doing so every day we remove prayer and our heart goes all over elsewhere.

Our Lady tells us that like a flower it cannot live without water so we cannot live without God’s grace.

Prayer done with the heart cannot be studied but can only be lived, taking a step forward day by day. Today there are problems everywhere: in the family, with children, with others, etc. But these problems are not so much with them but rather with ourselves.

Where is Jesus in our families? It is placed in the last place, while in the first place are the least important things. Our Lady, on the other hand, tells us that until we return to Jesus not in words but with our life there will be no peace in us and no blessing from God.

It is very important that the family pray together so that we can resist the attack. of the enemy who wants to divide: the only way to unite the family is through prayer.

Jesus calls each of us, and does not look at the precise age. Jesus sees how you behave and how you feel. Children must learn to pray and parents must lead by example . What can I expect from my daughter tomorrow if I as a parent do not lead by example? I begin to pray Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory, and my daughter Marija, even though she is small, follows and learns slowly, and so we must set an example for others. We must be grateful to our elders because they have given us the example of prayer and life. Even my grandmother, since my mother went around for work, it was she who educated us with catechism and prayer.

We see just how everything the world offers is something that passes and young people realize this fact. False lights, false joys … young people realize that what the world offers are only deceptions that in the end gives you nothing and you end up being more empty, nervous and unhappy than before. The only one who can give you joy, serenity and happiness is the Lord who meets in prayer. Once you discover this you can continue doing all things in a very different way.

When you go to Sister Elvira’s Cenacolo Community you really feel a great joy and tranquility, as if it were my home. There you meet a true love, everyone gives their love to others and this is a beautiful thing! You see that those who are now grown up help the little ones and some of Sister Cornelia’s girls welcome orphaned children who have been abandoned and become mothers for them. You see just how each of us gives his love. There is no such thing as more beautiful!

To believe or not is a personal matter. I am not worried about this. Our Lady does not force anyone, she loves everyone.

Our Lady gave great freedom and did not force anyone to believe. There is no “duty” to convey this message by force, but with love. Love is seen, transmitted, remains . Everything that is done in a forced way as it comes so it goes.

Our Lady speaks of her plan that must be realized and that we must help her with our prayers, even now. He hasn’t told us anything about his plan yet.

The fact of content in the Secrets concerns the whole world. He does not talk about it because obviously it is not yet the time to talk about it to everyone. You will give a sign when we can start talking about it, when the time is ripe.

The three of us are waiting, I have never asked the Madonna for anything. We don’t do it out of fear but because we know she has her plans and I have to do what she wants.

The Third Secret concerns the sign that Our Lady will leave on the mountain of apparitions, a sign that will remain forever.

Another secret is given to each of us visionaries and it is a personal matter. The Seventh Secret has instead been partially canceled following our prayers but not completely, and Our Lady would like us to pray even more so that through our prayers we can also change the others.
I feel within me that much can still be done.

How can illness and suffering become a gift?
For me there is nothing after Our Lady to accept suffering as a gift. We cannot talk much about this thing, because when it occurs we have to say: here I am, Lord, you do with me what you want. We cannot say: this suffering is heavy.

No, let’s get rid of these thoughts. He knows how much he can give and he also knows how much he can take. We must also thank God for this gift and ask for his strength and courage so that I can go on. Our Lady also said: you do not know how much value our suffering has before the eyes of God.

I am very happy when I can offer some of my suffering for Our Lady and for Jesus. I always say: Jesus, I am ready. As much and how you want, I am always ready for you. I also address all of you who live in suffering:do not waste time but offer everything to Jesus.

All those things have a great value. Every evening, when Our Lady appears to me, always and in the first place in the intentions of prayer I put the sick and then all the others. I love you sick so much, I feel you in my heart and I always recommend to Our Lady that she can give you strength and courage to go forward.