When the tribulations begin, how long it will last, how it will end and what kind of world will it give way to.

Ned Dougherty, an American businessman, had a near-death experience on July 2, 1984, as a result of a heart attack.

He was taken to Heaven and given a review of his life.

And then he was in the presence of the one he later identified as the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Light, who revealed to him visions of his own personal future, and also visions of global cataclysmic events.

These events would happen in the period, called by Our Lady, as the End Times.

After this near-death experience Ned underwent a radical life transformation, giving up his lifestyle and continuing to receive visits from Our Lady.

But the interesting thing about this case is that he was shown the events that would happen during the purification of the world and in what years it would happen, including when they would end.

Here we will talk about the visions shown to Ned Dougherty of the great events of the End Times, in what period this would happen and when the process would be completed. 

The Lady of Light projected a series of images of geophysical disasters to Ned Dougherty.

He showed him a scene of the Earth suspended in space and a gigantic tsunami.

And terrorism and wars, especially the third. 

But he told him that none of these future events would take place if humanity began to recognize and work for God’s plan.

In other words, they are conditional events to the conversion of humanity.

He was told that the End Times did not mean the absolute end of the world.

But it means the end of the world as we know it, and it also means the beginning of a new world.

And he was shown an earthly landscape in the distance, which was part of the new world, but it seemed very far away, barely noticeable, almost mythical, like a dream world.

This period of the End of Times will be characterized by natural disasters and war conflicts.

Ned had a vision of geophysical changes: large earthquakes erupting across the world changing the shapes of major continents, and volcanic smoke and ash flying in the atmosphere.

Everything would apparently be caused by the displacement of the Earth’s axis.

Giving rise to massive tidal waves that would engulf the coast of eastern America, for example.

He was also shown that the future war scenario would extend from the Middle East to Europe, and then to the former Soviet Union and the Far East, particularly China.

This happened in 1984 and was written before the Islamic terrorists were deployed.

He was even shown a few months earlier the scenes of the attack on the New York towers, an announcement that made him famous. 

The Lady of Light began to talk to him about the future of the world while pointing to the globe.

He pointed to the Middle East, and saw a flash point of light.

Then he pointed to Italy, and saw another flashpoint.

And then flames quickly erupted across the Middle East and Europe, representing world events caused by humanity: acts of aggression, terrorism, and war.

He was shown a vision of a great plateau in the Middle East.

The plateau was surrounded by a dusty, dry and barren region, which seemed to be devoid of life.

He told him that future events would begin there as a chain reaction of catastrophic man-made events, first in the Middle East, then in Africa and Europe, followed by events in Russia and China.

But the greatest threat, he was shown, would come from China and “an army of two hundred million.”

Then, the Lady of Light specifically told him: “Pray for the conversion of China. “China’s conversion to God is necessary for the salvation of the world.”

And on October 24, 2023 Our Lady of Light told Ned that we are now in a time of darkness in the world and that the Light of our Heavenly Protectors, the angels, is more than necessary.

And that conditions are such today that the transition to a New Heaven and a New Earth will be a time of great danger, chaos and confusion, and terrible events. 

This is due to all the sins of the world and the successes of the evil one in turning so many of God’s children into his evil acolytes.

The chaff will be separated from the wheat and the New Earth will be our reward here on Earth. 

And ultimately, when our time here is over, in accordance with the Father’s mission for each of us on Earth, we will go to the heavenly realms – which is our home – for eternity with our Father and Creator.

For now, we must pray that our journey on Earth will be positive and productive during these difficult times.

Our Lady also informed him that the evil one and his minions, both on Earth and in Hell, are preparing a third world war that is already underway.

The events, which began on October 7 in the Middle East, are signs of the progress of this world war.

And also of the depravity of the followers of the evil one, who violently attack, kidnap, abuse and liquidate innocent people, including children and the elderly.

Which gives us warnings that the future conduct of satan and his minions will be beyond the reach of the meek and loving followers of God.

And he added something striking, that as life here on Earth becomes more and more complicated, and it will, our existence will become simpler. 

To do this we must focus our lives on our mission here on Earth.

Clearly recognize that our personal mission to support Heavenly Father through His Son guarantees us eternal life in the heavenly kingdoms.

And if we follow this mission, once the terrible events have passed and removed from the Earth, we will delight in our new existence on a New Earth and, in the end, share Heaven as our eternal reward.

And a very interesting message that Ned received was on February 5, 2021.

The Virgin appeared to him as Our Lady of America.

He told him that now we are in the last years of the End Times. 

We already said that it does not simply mean the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of a new world. 

He told him that since 2000 a decisive spiritual presence of Jesus Christ on Earth began, which will continue for 30 years, from 2000 to 2030.

And that will culminate in his coming in spirit from 2031 to 2033.

So ultimately the critical period of transition and change in the world will be completed before the year 2034. 

Our Lady told him, “2000 years ago I gave birth to the Son of the Father, the Redeemer of the entire world, and at that moment My Son Jesus Christ began his 33-year mission here on Earth.”

And it is the same now, after 2000 years Our Lord is coming spiritually again to purify the Earth and inaugurate a period of peace.

That Our Lady mentions in Fatima that will come after the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Which coincides with the symbolic 1000 years in which Satan is bound according to Revelation 20.  

Well, here we wanted to talk about the visions given to Ned Dougherty, by the Lady of Light, about events in nature and conflicts between now and the year 2033 for the purification of the world.