Medjugorje Today February 16, 2021 – Before you give up, Our Lady wants you to know this: How to defeat satan, fear, suffering, and fatigue.

Medjugorje is not only a place where the presence of Mary and Jesus is lived in every corner, but it is also a place of waiting, listening and repose.

How can we overcome  the evil of this millennium which causes so many of us  tiredness, suffering and fear Our Lady has been suggesting the cure for us  for several years  , but perhaps we have not been careful enough to understand it!

“One day  Our Lady said  an important thing to us. Satan  often takes advantage of a person who feels unworthy , who feels depressed, who is ashamed of  God : this is precisely the moment in which Satan takes advantage to distract us from God. Our Lady told us to have this fixed idea: God is your Father and it doesn’t matter how you are. Do not leave even a moment of weakness to Satan,  it is already enough for him not to let you meet the Lord. Never leave God because Satan is too strong. For example: if you have committed a sin, if you have quarreled with someone, do not be alone, but call God immediately, ask him for forgiveness and go on. After a sin we start to think and doubt that God can forgive me

Not so … We always measure God by our guilt. Let’s say: if the sin is small, God forgives me immediately, if the sin is serious, it takes time …
You need two minutes to recognize that you have sinned; but the Lord does not need time to forgive , the Lord forgives immediately and you must be ready to ask and accept His forgiveness and do not let Satan take advantage of these moments of heeling, of desert. Call it what you are, go ahead immediately; before God you must not present yourselves beautiful and prepared; no, but go to God as you are so that God can immediately re-enter your life even in the moments when you are more sinners.
Just when it seems to you that the Lord has left you is the time to come back , presenting yourself as you are. “


Here is what our heavenly mother told us about tiredness:

… Pray, and so you can overcome all tiredness . … (30.05.1985)

…  When you pray with  perseverance  and come to mass despite your fatigue,  he gives you everything you ask him . …  (01.12.1893)

I see that you are all tired . I want to take you all  in my arms  so that you can stay with me.  (10/28/83)

Dear children, an invitation in preparation for the anniversary  (of the apparitions) : you parishioners pray more, and your prayer be a sign of your abandonment to God. Dear children, I know that  you are all tired: no, you do not know how to abandon yourselves to me ! In these days surrender yourself completely to me. Thanks for answering my call!  (June 13, 1985)

Message given to the prayer group )

I know you are tired, but I can’t tell you to rest . Pray  again and do not go to bed without having prayed for  at least a quarter of an hour for the group . You will see that the next day will be a better day . (January 22, 1986)

Dear children, also today I invite you to prayer. Children, prayer works miracles.  When you are tired and sick and you don’t know the meaning of your life , take  the rosary  and pray; pray until prayer becomes a joyful encounter with your Savior. I am with you and  intercede and pray for you , children. Thank you for answering my call . (April 25, 2001)


Dear children, today the Lord has allowed me to tell you again that you  live in a time of grace . You are not aware, children, that God gives you a great opportunity to convert and live in peace and love. You are so  blind and tied to the things of the earth  and think of earthly life. God sent me to guide you to eternal life.  I , children,  am not tired, even if I see your hearts weighed down and tired of all that is grace and gift.  Thanks for answering my call.  (October 25, 2006)

It therefore seems that Mary’s cure for our tiredness is not a holiday as we understand it, practically doing nothing, but rather working on ourselves with greater enthusiasm to transform our prayer into a song of praise to the Lord. And this because in reality our tiredness derives from the attachment to the things of this earth, we are weighed down by everything that surrounds us and we erroneously get rid of the only thing that can really lighten our spirit … that is, the prayer made with the heart. 


(2 extraordinary messages) 

You ask me about  that woman who would like to leave her husband because he makes her suffer . I say: stay with him and  accept the suffering . Jesus also suffered.  (29 August 1981)


My Heart burns with love for you. The only word I want to say to the world is this:  conversion, conversion!  Let all my children know. I only ask for conversion. No pain,  no suffering is too much for me to save you.  Please just convert! I will ask my son Jesus not to punish the world, but I beg you: get converted! You cannot imagine what will happen, nor what God the Father will send to the world. For this I repeat:  convert ! Give up everything! Do penance! Here, here is everything I want to tell you:  convert! Take my thanks to all my children who have prayed and fasted. I present everything to my divine son to get him to mitigate his justice towards sinful humanity.  (April 25, 1983)

(Messages given to the prayer group)

I am your mother. I continually open  my hands to you . I love you. I especially love my children who are in sickness, suffering and sin . I am the mother of all.  (September 7, 1983)

Always pray! 

Not only when you are in suffering , but also in joy.

You must  live by prayer !  (December 4, 1983)

If you knew how hot I love the group! Many times, after  committing a sin , you felt that your conscience was troubled, but nevertheless,  you did not want to humble yourself.  Dear children, my love burns everything! Many of you, however, do not accept it and this makes me suffer so much! I burn with love and suffer for each of you more than a mother could suffer when she loses a child. And  this suffering will not end until the group changes . I don’t want to lose you because I love you like no one else can love you. And always for love of you I give you this message:  as a bad man does not want to humble himself, so you and I must not be proud .  (November 20, 1984)

When you have distractions and difficulties in the spiritual life, know that  each of you in life must have a spiritual thorn whose suffering will accompany him to God .  (November 30, 1984)

Sorry if I interrupt your  rosary , but you cannot begin to pray like this. At the beginning of the prayer you must always throw away your sins.  Your heart must progress by expressing sins through spontaneous prayer. Then  sing a song . Only then can you pray the rosary with your heart. 

If you do this, this rosary will not bore  you because it will seem that it lasts only one minute. Now, if you want to avoid being distracted in prayer,  free your heart from everything that weighs on you , everything that uses you  concern or suffering : through such thoughts, in fact, Satan tries to divert you so as not to let you pray. When you pray you leave everything, you  leave all the worries and remorse of sins .

If you let yourself get caught up in these thoughts, you will not be able to pray. Shake them off, put them out of you before prayer. And during prayer do not let them return to you and be an impediment or disturbance to inner recollection. Remove even the smallest reasons for disturbance from your heart,  because your spirit can get lost even for a very small thing. In fact, a very small thing joins another very small thing and these two together form something bigger that can ruin your prayer. Be careful, and make sure that nothing ruins your prayer and consequently your soul. I, like your mother, want to help you. Nothing more.  (March 4, 1985)

(Extraordinary message)

Dear children! I am happy for all your prayers, but I wish you to open your heart more and more, day by day and  offer with love, to me and to Jesus, all your joy and all your suffering.  I invite you, dear children, to renew my messages from the heart and to truly begin to live them. Pray for the realization of my plan. At this moment  your prayers are particularly necessary to me:  for this reason, all of you gathered here I ask you to increase your prayers and, especially, that you take hold of the crown of the rosary. Dear children, prayer is necessary!  (April 20, 1989)

Dear children, also today I invite you to prayer. Only with prayer and fasting can war be stopped; therefore, my dear children,  pray and testify with your life that you are mine,  that you belong to me, because  in these troubled days Satan wants to seduce as many souls as possible.

So I invite you to  decide for God and He will protect you and show you what to do and which way to go.  I invite all those who have said yes to renew the consecration to my son Jesus, to his heart and to me, so that we can take you even more ardently as instruments of peace in this world without peace. Medjugorje is for you all an invitation to pray and also to live days of grace that God gives you; therefore, dear children, accept the invitation to prayer seriously. I am with you and  your suffering is mine . Thanks for answering my call!  (April 25, 1992)

Extraordinary message given to Mirjana )

Dear children! As a mother, for many years I have taught you the faith and love of God. You have not shown gratitude to the dear Father nor have you given him glory.  You have become empty and your heart has become hard and without love for your neighbor who lives in suffering .  I teach you love  and show you how much the dear Father loved you, but you don’t love him. He offered up his only-begotten Son for your salvation, my children. If you do not love, you will not recognize the love that your Father has for you. You will not know God because God is love. […]
  (March 18, 1995)

From these messages we can understand how suffering is a gift that must be accepted, as it will serve as a ladder to reach paradise. It is the only way we have not to fall into despair, which seems to be the trap that is favored by the evil one. It is abandoning ourselves in Mary’s arms, always through  prayer , through which we will draw strength to overcome depression and discouragement. By praying we will discover that we are loved by God more than any other human being in the world could.   


[…] Love and do not be afraid, my children, because in love there is no fear. If your hearts are open to the Father and if they are full of love for him, why be afraid of what will happen? Those who do not love are afraid because they are waiting for punishment knowing how empty and hard they are. My children, I invite you to love towards the dear Father. I guide you to eternal life. Eternal life is my Son: accept it and you will have accepted love! (March 18, 1995)

(2 extraordinary messages)

[…]  Believe firmly  and don’t be afraid! (June 29, 1981)

My angels,  do not be afraid of anything because I am close to you and I protect you . Whatever problem you have,  call me and I will come  to you immediately and help you solve the difficulties in the best possible way.  (March 4, 1982)

(2 Messages given to the prayer group)

Here are the  basic commitments required of those who intend to be part of the prayer group.  

Give up all your disordered passions and desires; avoid television, especially trivial broadcasts; avoid the immoderate enjoyment of food and drink, especially alcohol.  

Abandon yourselves totally to God putting aside all fear ;  there is no place for fear in those who abandon themselves to God ;  however,  the difficulties that will be encountered  will serve the spiritual growth and for the greater glory of God.

You begin to love your opponents; do not harbor grudge and bitterness, but only give blessing, smile and serenity; therefore pray at least five minutes a day to the Heart of Jesus and my Heart: thus you will receive the divine love with which you will be able to love your enemies.

Fast twice a week. Gather in groups at least once a week. Devote at least three hours to prayer each day, of which at least half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening; take part in the Holy Mass every day by receiving Holy Communion; during the day, look for moments of recollection in silence; pray fervently without continually looking at the clock; do not worry much about material things but entrust everything to the Father; when you are too worried you cannot pray because you lack inner serenity;  God will carry out your earthly affairs if you strive to open yourselves to his own ; extend the spirit of prayer to daily work, that is, accompany work with prayer; those who cannot pray three hours a day to go to school or work, pray at least half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening and, if possible, participate in the Eucharist.

Be careful because  Satan tempts in a particular way all those who have decided to abandon themselves to God; will try to convince you that you pray and fast too much , that it is better to be like the other young people who seek the pleasures of this world;  you absolutely must not listen to him  but pay attention only to my voice; when your faith is consolidated, Satan will no longer be able to seduce you.  

Pray a lot for the Pope, your bishop and the other leaders of the Church: no less than half of your sacrifices and prayers must be devoted to this intention.  (June 24, 1983)