“True Miracle” at the burning skyscraper in Milan: only a Crucifix was saved. The unbelievable tale of the unbelieving doctor

A truly incredible story: for many it is a true miracle

The head physician Lorenzo Spaggiari , resident in the skyscraper which was destroyed in a fire in Milan a few days ago, said: ” I am a layman, everything is destroyed and only the crucifix has been saved “.

“ If I were a believer, I would feel I was facing a miracle . For thirty years, however, I have been working for those affected by cancer: the contours of my idea of ​​faith have gradually blurred. So I can only define what I saw incredible “.

“The ceiling collapsed and we lost everything. Even the safe inserted in the wall was burnt and melted by the heat. Only one thing is not only safe, but intact: a crucifix . I kept it in a plastic bag: that too was like new. Incredible: my wife has put that cross around her neck and doesn’t want to take it off anymore ”.

All the residents in the skyscraper consider it a miracle because the fire caused no casualties.

Professor Lorenzo Spaggiari, 60, from Emilia, director of thoracic surgery at the European Cancer Institute and professor at the University of Milan, lived with his family on the top floor of the Torre dei Moro.

(Article source – La Repubblica)