Donald Trump warns ‘we are on the brink of World War Three’ as he blames Joe Biden’s ‘weakness and surrender’ for Iran-backed terrorists killing three US soldiers in a drone strike in Jordan

  • Donald Trump has blasted the Biden administration on Truth Social for the attack
  • He claimed the president’s ‘weakness and surrender’ were to blame for the strike
  • The former president warned that America was ‘on the brink of World War Three’
  • Three soldiers were killed, eight critically injured and another 34 were treated

Donald Trump has warned ‘we are on the brink of World War Three’ as he blamed Joe Biden for Iran-back terrorists killing three American soldiers in Jordan.The former president blasted the Biden administration’s ‘weakness and surrender’ a day after the suicide drone strike on a remote compound near the Syrian border.He claimed it would ‘never have happened if I was president, not even a chance’ as he penned a furious Truth Social post following the brutal killings.

The Biden administration hit back, claiming those trying to ‘politicize our national security are illogical and detrimental to our safety and security’.

It comes after eight other American soldiers were medically evacuated from Tower 22 in Jordan while 34 were treated for injuries.

Trump wrote on Sunday: ‘This brazen attack on the United States is yet another horrific and tragic consequence of Joe Biden’s weakness and surrender.

‘This attack would NEVER have happened if I was President, not even a chance – Just like the Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel would never have happened, the War in Ukraine would never have happened, and we would right now have Peace throughout the World. Instead, we are on the brink of World War 3.’

Trump argued that he had Iran ‘weak, broke, and totally under control’ when he left office.

‘Thanks to my Maximum Pressure policy, the Iranian Regime could barely scrape two dollars together to fund their terrorist proxies,’ he wrote. 

‘Then Joe Biden came in and gave Iran billions of dollars, which the Regime has used to spread bloodshed and carnage throughout the Middle East. This attack would NEVER have happened if I was President, not even a chance.’

He promised to bring back those policies if he defeats Biden in the November election. 

‘This terrible day is yet more proof that we need an immediate return to PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH, so that there will be no more chaos, no more destruction, and no more loss of precious American lives. Our Country cannot survive with Joe Biden as Commander in Chief,’ he wrote.