Medjugorje Reminds Us of the Gospel Passage “Matthew 21:42”

Regarding Medjugorje, we are reminded of the Gospel passage, The very stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone (Mt 21:42). And as with the logic of the Gospel, that which is considered insignificant and despised and rejected by the world’s powers, in the end – with the invincible force of love and sacrifice – changes even the world which rejected it.

The same seems to happen for the believers who frequent Mary’s school at Medjugorje, who do not doubt the profound truth of the messages of the Queen of Peace which are given as a remedy for the ailing world and Church in this time.

I finish with these timely words by our beloved Padre Slavko, which seem to summarize what Our Lady wishes to achieve through us and with us: Mary is our Mother.

She loves each child equally. Therefore, each of us is called to correspond by contributing to the work of salvation in the way we can and where we can. The life of the Church is a mystery of communion. Each of us has his or her place there [in the Church]. No one can love in the place of another. Paula Tomić, Međugorje