Medjugorje Visionary Answers Question: “Does Our Lady say anything about radical Islam because it’s getting very scary out there?”

In a public talk Mirjana conducted  a question and answer  session with pilgrims.

Q: Does Our Lady say anything about radical Islam because its getting very scary out there?

A: No, radical Islam is not so dangerous but we are too weak. Let me give you an example. When I was talking with Italians on Saturday, the question was: there are so many muslims who come to Italy now and they change everything. We are not allowed anymore to have crosses in our hospitals, in our schools. I immediately stopped that gentleman and I said “ who is taking that cross off the wall, you or that muslim?”. He said “ I…but…”. I said there is no but, there is no excuse.

We are weak. We are weak in our faith and then everyone else is allowed to do whatever they want. If Jesus is the one who teaches me to open the door to everybody, I have to do it. The same Jesus teaches me to open you the door and if that Jesus is an obstacle to you, to whom I open the door, order ativan no prescription then go back home. That is what I think. We always put the guilt on to someone else but we never start with ourselves. What am I like? What do I do for God? How much is my faith strong, how much am I ready to do for my faith?

So its easiest to say they’re radical, they’re this, they’re that. With my God I can do anything. I lived in Sarajevo and the most of the people are muslims, very few orthodox. But we had cross and Our Lady in our home. Those people were coming to our home, they were asking and I would explain to them what that is all about. But no matter what price I had to pay, I would never ever take that cross or Our Lady off the wall. Because our parents told us as well ; if you have to die for God then you will live forever. But if you say no to God, then you will die forever.

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8 thoughts on “Medjugorje Visionary Answers Question: “Does Our Lady say anything about radical Islam because it’s getting very scary out there?”

  • These words are so true.Lord, increase our faith!

  • We are not protected by our lady. Only Jesus and Jesus alone. One you involve what you call our lady then there is danger. It is putting whatever our lady is before Jesus. JESUS IS THE ANSWER NOT OUR LADY.

    • Jesus is the answer and Our Blessed Mother will take us to him. Although she is a saint, she is relatable and close to being like we are, as mere humans. Jesus tells us to look to her as the purest example of a human having deep faith and trust in God. She in the very holiest of motherly ways will graciously connect us to her son if and when we call upon or allow her to. Or, when go to her through prayer such as the rosary. She offers her very real compassion and wisdom to us. Her prayers to her son on our behalf are a loving and profound intervention – a grace-filled gift from God. She is the mother of God, and helps us all when we need her.

      • Only Jesus is the mediator between man and God. You people take Jesus as child . He is the supreme God .What is said in the buble is He is the only mediator and noone else. Not Mary not anyone. Study your bible. People will be surprised to after death to find that someone deceived them. How many was Mary mentioned in the bible? Mary will be judged like anyone else. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

        • I find ridiculous to hear the anti-Catholics coming with their “how many times was Mary mentioned in the Bible ?”
          And in which version of the Bible did you read that the number of times a person is mentioned in the Bible determines who the person is in the Lord? Are you peoples’ pastors mentioned in the Bible? Yet, you will ask them to pray for you!
          FYI, the Bible as we have now did not even exist and the Bible as we have now comes through the Catholic Church!
          It’s not a sin for any person, including Catholic Christian, not to ask the intercession of Mary, but it’s a sin to blaspheme against her and against her place in God’s plan of salvation for Humanity.

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  • I would comment that radical Islam is something to be concerned about. However we should not walk in fear but be ready to meet Our Lord every moment of our life. In regard to having to alter our way of life, to “Not offend” . I’ve got a friend that lives in Italy ,attends Saint Anthony’s. Was praying the rosary in group prayer group, when the pastor asked them to stop to not offend Muslim refugees staying in the church. In a recent article hear on mystic post visionary said to not offend the priests. However I will quote the venerable archbishop Fulton Sheen” who is going to save our church? Not our bishops or priests or religious . It is up to the people. You have the minds, the eyes the ears to save the church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priest, bishops act like bishops and religious like religious “

  • While at the foot of the cross, Jesus said to Mary…behold your son. To John He said…behold your mother. And John took Mary into his home. Jesus asks us all to do the same…take Mary into our homes. Mary, more than anyone, can intervene on our behalf – as she did at the wedding fest in Cana. Even before Jesus time had come, Mary invoked us to…do what he tells you.

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