Medjugorje: signs in the sky of the Assumption – Video

Medjugorje: signs in the sky of the Assumption, unequivocal, which date back to August 15th, 2012.
Today, that the whole world celebrates the most ancient dogma, attributed to the Virgin Mary, that is, its Assumption in heaven, in body and in spirit, as it happened for her Son Jesus Christ, only begotten Son of God, we want to remember when in a bright cross appeared in Medjugorje.

In the video you can clearly see that the cross is marked in the sky, probably from the wake of two airplanes – say the skeptics – or from a particular formation of clouds, but in that instant, just above the head of the faithful who waited, as every day in that holy place, the Marian apparitions and the message of the heavenly Mother.

Medjugorje: signs in the sky, Christ is near us

The phenomenon, which for the skeptics might seem casual, lasts more than an hour (much more than the resilience of an airplane resists in the sky) and takes on a mystical significance – which it actually has – and incites everyone to prayer.

Jesus, the Son of Mary, stands beside us, as so many times the Queen of Peace has repeated in her messages, entrusted to the visionaries. And Our Lady, who now ascends to heaven, Assumption, to begin her marvelous work of intercession for devout humanity, invites us to return to Christ, to reflect on his work, on his testimony regarding the implementation of the Word of God. Holy Father.

Today, we too, with our eyes turned to the sky, try to see the sign that saves: the redemptive cross, which – from the ground to the sky – shows its vertical wood and, in the horizontal one, expresses the maximum embrace to the world suffering and kneeling, which never loses hope and faith, never.

Antonella Sanicanti