The Prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello and Russia (Now More than Ever)

Source: Fr. Livio’s Blog

Good evening Father Livio, I reread some pages that talk about Blessed Elena Aiello. What you say about Russia here would be confirmed and even detailed


“Russia is ready to unleash all the forces of evil and will vent all its fury. It’s going to be one hell of a storm. The war will be near. Russia will strike several nations. The fire will start from east to west.

There will also be many revolutions in North Africa and then in the Middle East. The blood will flow in rivers. The time is not far away. The priests will be persecuted; the churches will be desecrated, especially in the holy city. Pray so that the Pope does not fall into the hands of the Russians.” 

(8 May 1960, message from Our Lady to Blessed Elena Aiello, Calabria) “Russia will rise above all nations, especially Italy, and will plant its flag on the dome of St. Peter’s: it will be surrounded by such ferocious lions!” 

“…When an extraordinary sign appears in the sky, let men know that the world’s punishment will be imminent…” (7 January 1950, message from Our Lady to Blessed Elena Aiello, Calabria)

 Thanks always and best regards 


Dear Piero

I thank you for having recalled the Prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello which, inserted in the current historical moment, demonstrate a surprising relevance.

These are not isolated prophecies, as they are placed in the vein that goes from Fatima to the fulfillment of the ten secrets of Medjugorje.

On the other hand we know that prophecies, as anticipations of future events, shorten the times of their manifestation.

The fact that this prophecy concerns in a particular way the danger that the Holy Father runs leads to placing the third secret in the city of Rome.

All we have to do is pray for peace, for the Church and for the Pope. We know that prayer works miracles in hearts and in history.

Ave Maria

Father Livio