Prayer to defeat fears and insecurities in this difficult historical period that we live

Jesus, I present all my fears: the fear of being rejected by God, the fear of others, the fear of certain places and animals, the fear of the future and of difficult situations, the fear of giving a bad impression of me same.



I present all my insecurities, my doubts, my uncertainties, the contempt that sometimes I feel about myself and my life.

For these fears and insecurities I feel like in the middle of a storm. 
You said to the apostles on the lake of Galilee in a storm: “Come on, it’s me, do not be afraid!”.

Tell me too, and the angry waves of insecurity and fear will calm down in my heart.

Free me from all doubt and unreasonable uncertainty, from all contempt of myself and of life.

Be You my courage, my security, my point of support, my strength to live and to act.

jesus-help me-Papaboys

Infuse in me your Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of power and freedom.

Heart of Jesus, I trust and I hope in you.