Mysterious signs from the Sky of Medjugorje

Amazing Photographs in this Video – SOURCE LA LUCIA DI MARIA

Comment from YouTube :

I did not go to Medjugorje, but YES, I BELIEVE !. For GOD there is nothing impossible, NOTHING! And the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, Our Holy Mother, have been many, throughout the years and in all the regions of the World !. I BELIEVE!!!. The Virgin mostly in her messages, comes to remind each one of us, that we do not forget her Son JESUS ​​CHRIST, that we pray The Rosary and that we lead a life according to the teachings of his Beloved Son JESUS, Our Lord and Savior ! In my opinion, this is the Central Message, of the different apparitions, there are also the secrets and certain revelations of what will happen in the future. The Virgin always brings a message of peace, love and prayer. Nothing that she advises, contradicts the teachings of JESUS ​​or the Catholic Church, or goes against the morals and good manners of anyone. I respect the different opinions and beliefs !. But I say that: IF I BELIEVE !!! Beautiful pictures!!!. Thank you!.

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  • When i read a book by Wayne Wible call The Message, i 100% beleive it .In 2015 i went on a pilgrimage to Medjugore. That Holy Place is the hope for the salvation of the world. The world should listen and obey her messages. Thank you Holy Mother.

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