If despair has the upper hand, immediately call upon the Most Holy Name of Mary with this prayer!

O mighty Mother of God and Mother, my Mary, it is true that I am not even worthy to name you, but You love me and desire my salvation. Grant me, although my tongue is filthy, that I can always call in your defense your most holy and most powerful name, because your name is the help of those who live and the salvation of those who die.


Most pure Mary, most sweet Mary, grant me the grace that your name is from now on the breath of my life. Madam, do not delay to help me every time I call you, because in all temptations and all my needs I do not want to stop invoking you always repeating: Mary, Mary.

So I want to do during my life and I hope particularly at the time of death, to come to eternally praise your beloved name in Heaven: “O clement, pious, or sweet Virgin Mary”. Mary, most loving Mary, what a comfort, what sweetness, what trust, what tenderness
hear my soul even when I say your name, or just thinking of You!

I thank my God and Lord who has given you this name so good and mighty for my good. O Lady, it is not enough for me to name you sometimes, I want to invoke you more often out of love; I want love to remember to call you at every hour, so that I can exclaim together with Saint Anselm: “O name of the Mother of God, you are my love!”.


My dear Mary, my beloved Jesus, your most sweet Names always live in mine and in all hearts. My mind forgets everyone else, to remember only and forever to invoke your beloved Names. My Redeemer Jesus and my Mother Mary, when the moment of my death has come, in which the soul must leave the body, grant me then, by your merits, the grace to pronounce the last words saying and repeating: “Jesus and Mary I love you, Jesus and Mary give you my heart and my soul “.

Papaboys editorial staff