Medjugorje: September 9, 2019 A prayer for healing and liberation …This powerful prayer to Our Lady wins every hell we have built ourselves on earth!


O Sovereign Queen of Heaven, O mighty Lady of the angels, O Most Holy Mary, Mother of God, from the beginning you had from God the power and the mission of crushing the head of Satan. We humbly pray you, send your celestial legions, so that under your command and with your power, persecute the demons and fight the infernal spirits everywhere, reduce their rashness and reclaim them in the abyss.

Sublime Mother of God, send your invincible army against the emissaries of hell among men; destroy the projects of the godless and humiliate all those who want evil. Obtain them the grace of repentance and conversion, so that they may give glory to the Blessed Sacrament. Trinity and to you. Helps the victory of truth and justice everywhere.

Powerful Patrona, with your flaming spirits, protect your sanctuaries and places of grace throughout the Earth. Guard through them the churches and all the holy places, objects and people, above all your divine Son in the SS. Sacrament.Prevent them from being dishonored, desecrated, robbed, destroyed or violated. Stop it, Madam.

O Heavenly Mother, Mary Immaculate, also protect our belongings, our homes, our families, from all the snares of the enemies, visible and invisible. Have your Holy Angels in them and reign in them the devotion, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit.