On August 4, 2014, at the Medjugorje Youth Festival, Mirjana gave a powerful testimony urging the young people present to pray for the priest. She said Our Lady’s triumph depends on this.

She said: “You know that Our Lady in these 33 years is preparing us for something. I’m sorry, because I can’t tell you more about the secrets. 

I can tell you only one thing. 

She said: “My Heart will triumph”. She added: “What I started in Fatima I will finish in Medjugorje”.


I would like to tell you to think for a moment like this: now we have this time. Then there will be the time of the triumph of the Heart of the Madonna. 

Between these two times there is a bridge. This bridge is our priests. Therefore Our Lady invites in a particular way to pray for them. 

This bridge, who are our priests, must be so strong that we can all cross it. She says: “With them I will triumph. With the priests, My Heart will triumph”. Without them there will not even be the victory of the Heart of Our Lady.

So again I beg you: pray, pray, so that our shepherds know that they are loved and that we are with them. This is the desire of our Heavenly Mother. 


They ask me: “What is your greatest desire? And the biggest message? ” For me it is love. The love that you teach us also wants us to live it. In these 33 years that I have been with the Heavenly Mother I have understood that for her we are all her children. 


For her there are no privileged people. It is wrong if you believe that we visionaries are more important than you; that she listens to us more than you. This is impossible for a Mother. She wouldn’t even have been a Mother if she loved one child more than another.


I beg you not only to have heard, but to live the messages of Our Lady. Put them into practice in your daily life. Why are you here? To take them to your home. Don’t talk or preach. They will ask you, “Why are you different? What happened?” Then you will speak of the Heavenly Mother’s Love.