As the threat of World war becomes more real each day, Father Livio was greatly shaken by Our Lady’s most recent monthly message of February 25, 2022 We invite you to support Mystic Post TV at this link. Thank you.

In an emotional radio broadcast, the Director of Radio Maria offered commentary on Our Lady’s surprising message. He said: Dear friends, The message of the Queen of Peace reveals great danger looming over the world because of Satan striking the earth with his power of death, hatred and fear. There is indeed great concern in the world over a new war about which we know how it started but not how it will end.

The Queen of Peace in these two and a half years of the pandemic has, countless times, drawn our attention to the action of satan “who wants hatred and war” and uses all his power “to attract as many souls as possible for his own” . She has also repeated several times, as in today’s message, that “if we don’t return to God and the Commandments, we won’t have a future”.

Marija was very worried about the grave tone of this message and the fact that Our Lady’s face appeared very serious. She pointed out, however, that, right from the start, Our Lady made us feel her closeness, telling us that she is with us, inviting us to pray together with her and asking for our help with prayer, “so that satan may not prevail”.