The prayer Mystic Mother Natuzza recited every night to Our Lady to ask her for thanks and protection…”Our Lady told me that Jesus is sad. The world continually renews its crucifixion.”

source: Papaboys 3,0

The words of Mamma Natuzza on the Holy Virgin and a prayer for the evening

“Our Lady told me that Jesus is sad. The world continually renews its crucifixion. So we need to do penances and pray a lot. “

Then I told her: “Order me, my Lady, and I do everything you want”. She replied: “Talk to all your friends about making a cenacle in every family, even for three or four people. They begin like this and then gradually grow larger and the prayer increases. If done with faith and continuously, if done with love and without fanaticism, it can grow, can love, can entice others and the Lord will certainly be happier, because we lighten his pains ”. I talked to people and gradually the Cenacles increased.


O Mother of heaven, dispenser of graces, relief of afflicted hearts, hope of those who despair, cast in the most distressing distress I have come to bow down at your feet to be comforted by you.

Will you reject me perhaps? Ah! I don’t believe you have the courage to send me back. Your Heart of Mother of Mercy I hope you will hear me! Poor me if you didn’t put your hand in it. I would certainly be lost!

And because of this I – despite being a poor and unworthy sinner – in the tribulation that oppresses me I had the thought of coming to cry from You. And with groans, with sighs and with the ardent tears that fall from my eyes, to You I cry, I raise my hands, clutching your crown, invoking you or great Queen, consoler of souls, treasurer and dispenser of all graces, advocate of thank you harder, difficult and desperate. Many and many seeing me so afflicted they told me: “if you want grace in this circumstance you have to go to pray to Our Lady, to whom anyone has recourse for grace undoubtedly gets it”. I have always thought that Our Lady of Graces was you, or Immaculate Heart of Mary, Refuge of Souls, to whose powerful name the heavens rejoice and the whole universe calls you and invokes you Mother of all grace. Since I was born I have always heard that you give thanks to the whole world. And me not? I want it and I want it by force.

I came safely. Don’t chase me, listen to me. Console me and save me, I want from you absolutely the longed for grace … I want it. Forgive me if I take advantage of your goodness.

Oh me, the poor afflicted one! If alone, for example, the only one in the world I will not receive the longed grace! O Holy Mother, full of graces, I have all the hope that You will pardon me. From you the aspect, that you are the Mother of all graces. I’m sure you do it to me. And how will I do it if you don’t make it?

No! Don’t let the word come out that you are leaving and not helping your children anymore. I am a daughter too! Nor is it said that your daughter is unworthy, having prayed to you with tears of affliction, from the most afflicted heart of yours, that you have never wanted her to hear and free, while so many, without number, have appealed and resort to your Immaculate Heart every day they experience the power of your love and without delay they get the longed for thanks. And I alone must cry in this great tribulation?

natuzza evolo papaboys

Ah! No. I won’t let you! Or you deny me here at your feet that you are the Mother of mercy and the giver of all graces, or you grant me with the longed-for grace. And if you do not listen to me, feel that I will do, o Mother of thanks. Kneeling before you, clasping your Crown, I will tear your mantle, I will hold your hands, I will kiss your feet, I will bathe you with tears and I will stay so much and I will cry so much crying, until You are moved , that grace, Jesus, made you “. and you have to tell me.

And now that you’ve heard what I’m going to do to you, what do you tell me, O my Mama, what are you saying to me?

You must help me, you must do this grace to me, even though I am a sinner. If you don’t want to do it to me, because I am a sinner, tell me at least from whom I have to go to be comforted in my great pain. If you were not powerful enough, I would resign myself saying: “You are my Mama, you love me, but you cannot help me and save me”. If you were not my Mama, I would say with reason: “You are not my Mama, I am not your daughter, so you have no duty to help me!” But you are my Mama and of the whole world! If you want you can help me. You must do this grace for me. You have to do it by force. I am sure that you will do it, because you are good and you cannot deny it to me. I wait for this grace, I await you from that mouth of yours which only opens when it has a grace to pronounce. I desire it from that forehead, from that breast, from those feet, from that blessed and maternal Heart of yours, all filled with grace, the refuge of all souls.

Thank you I look for you, O Mamma mia. Give me the grace I seek for you. I ask you with all my heart, I ask you with the voice of all the children of the world who are innocent souls, of all the lovers, of all your devoted children. So I wait for you from you and you have to do it by force. And I promise you, O Mother with a tender Heart, that until my mind
will have thoughts, my tongue accents me, my heart palpitates me, always, I will always cry to You, and in the hours of the day and in those of the night you will hear yourself called crying: Mother!

That cry, oh Mother, will be my sigh.
Do we stay like this, oh Holy Mama?

Yes, let’s stay like this! So that after so many tears and sighs spilled at your feet I can
come to thank you for the special grace you made. Amen.