Warning young people about Hell – Fr. Mark Goring

Fr., you are absolutely right to call out the error of “universalism” for what it is – a dangerous error. It became popular after Vatican II due to the false teaching of Karl Rahner (“anonymous Christians”) and Hans Urs von Balthazar (“We can rightly hope that all will be saved”). It is contrary to Scripture, contrary to the Deposit of Faith, contrary to the Fathers of the Church, contrary to the teachings of the Saints and Doctors of the Church, contrary to all the Ecumenical Councils and contrary to the constant Magisterium of the Church since the year dot. Unfortunately bishop Robert Barron teaches this nonsense along with many others in the hierarchy and they are in danger of leading many souls to hell. Spreading false teaching is one of the principle ways in which shepherds become wolves.

One thought on “Warning young people about Hell – Fr. Mark Goring

  • Thank you Father. Your words are a real wake up call, like an arrow right on target. May we act upon them.
    God bless.

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