Anti-Catholic Hit Job by Buzzfeed – Alludes to Sinister Catholic Connections.. “fringe underbelly of the Catholic world,”

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By Stephen Ryan

Is Buzzfeed an Anti-Catholic Hate Organization?

The BuzzFeed article (see link below)  is a bit long and somewhat complex but the long and the short of it is that BuzzFeed is attempting to encourage Facebook to punish a Catholic Web publisher based in Italy who is basically a robust competitor of Buzzfeed. The Italian news publisher in the crosshairs of Buzzfeed operates many different online news sites.

What Buzzfeed is doing is claiming the Italian news organization publishes “alt-right”/ anti-immigration, nationalist fake news and alludes to sinister Catholic connections. What caught my attention was their criticism of a website called “La  Luce Di Maria” a very Marian/pro-Medjugorje site. I go to their site often looking for stories. The fact that this online magazine publishes Medjugorje news, according to Buzzfeed, makes them a  “Fake” news organization.


From Buzzfeed: Members of the Colono family have contributed to building and boosting the Catholic association’s online presence. The La Luce di Maria Facebook page, which has nearly 1.5 million fans, generates significant engagement on Facebook. The information La Luce di Maria shares online includes daily prayers, unscientific health advice, tips to fight malevolent spells and the devil, and a section about the Virgin Mary’s (alleged) appearances, including in Medjugorje, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has become a site for Christian pilgrimage.(The Virgin Mary’s appearances are such a controversial topic within the Vatican that even Pope Francis recently felt obliged to express scepticism about reports of such appearances in Medjugorje”



As I said I believe the entire hit piece is directed at Facebook to encourage Facebook to punish a competitor, a competitor with ties to “Catholic” organizations and money.

I find this Buzzfeed article to be highly disturbing and window into a future where the Catholic Church and organizations that report on Catholic news will be marginalized or worse including Facebook placing severe restrictions on access to their own followers.


This Buzzfeed article is a sinister, anti-catholic, hit piece.