Coronavirus: For a difficult historical moment, this powerful prayer to be recited today, to Saints Cuono and son

Let us pray to Saints Cuono and son to give us protection and health in this difficult historical moment, due to this new epidemic.

Coronavirus: we pray to Saints Cuono and son

A difficult historical moment, the one we are experiencing. The Coronavirus epidemic is expanding more and more. With the closure and limitation of the Eucharistic celebrations in the individual parishes, every Christian must strengthen intimate and personal prayer.


Today we pray to Saints Cuono and son , together with Monsignor Antonio Di Donna, Bishop of Acerra . The patron saints of the Campania town, invoked in particular during famines and epidemics, protect us from this new virus.


O our most glorious Protectors, Saints Cuono and son , many times you have come to meet the needs of our fathers: you have been implored to have the gift of rain in times of drought, you have protected them from the lava of Vesuvius, from the scourge of war.

Listen to our prayer today, in this time when the world is threatened by a new epidemic . We pray for the sick and their families, for doctors, nurses, health workers and for those who govern us.

May the courage of your faith sustain us in this time of trial, make hope firm, charity active. Through your intercession, Jesus, doctor of souls and bodies, grant us to be able to return to our activities, praising and thanking the Lord, who never abandons his children.

Saints Martyrs Cuono and son pray for us.