Garabandal and the Comet Five Times Greater than Jupiter Approaching the Earth (video) (discernment advised)

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This is the message I sent to Conchita visionary from Garabandal:


I hope this finds you and yours well and in good spirits.

A new comet appeared in 2019 designated C/2019 Y4 (Atlas). It is very energetic, as its coma is half the size of the sun. Comets are both messengers and enforcers of immutable cosmic law. They are the Creator’s instruments for the administration of its creation.

A comet, arriving as it does from far outside the influence of our solar system, is energized with an opposing electrical charge relative to the sun. The greater the comets potential, the more likely it will induce a reaction from the sun in the form of coronal mass ejections. Atlas will pass very close to the sun at the end of May…deep within the orbit of the planet Mercury. The earth’s protective magnetosphere is at a record low potential due to the sun having transitioned into a state of quiescence in 2012 (Mayan Calendar) known as a Grand Solar Minimum. This leaves our planet extremely vulnerable to coronal mass ejections. Given this comet’s high electrical potential, its proximity to the sun at passage and the earth’s perilously weak protective magnetosphere, there is a very great likelihood it will induce coronal mass ejections that will dramatically affect the earth in a variety of spectacular and threatening ways. Also, due to the extreme gravitational stresses on the comet at the time of passage, there is the possibility that it will break down, thus posing the threat of a fragment impacting our planet which closely comports with the authentic Third Fatima Secret as revealed by Pope John Paul II in an interview with a German magazine.

There is presently a quickening taking place within the experiences of humanity, concerning which I’m certain you are well aware. I am always asking people about their dreams. Even before the present threat of a pandemic reared its ugly head, the common theme I was hearing was dominated by fear and panic. A close friend told me about a dream they had only last night. Without going into the details of the dream itself, which had to be interpreted, I was deeply moved by the biblical overtones. So I will provide you with the scriptural parallels that perfectly matched the imagery of their dream. The relevant scripture has to do with Jesus’ return as the groom, in marriage to his bride, humanity. Interpreted, the dream revealed the Dark Forces ruling this world attempting to prevent our long awaited reunion with the divine. Rev. 19:7

It is my determination that the current pandemic is a cover for the effects comet Atlas will have on our planet. The Dark Forces are using the fear of a pandemic to bring humanity under control before they realize that the real threat is a rapidly approaching comet (Atlas) and also to prevent the marriage of Christ with humanity.

My perspective on your miraculous healing of skin cancer has a clear undertone. The effect of the sun on earth during the passage of this….or perhaps another comet…will be mitigated as a direct response by humanity to your visions in San Sebastian de Garabandal.

I just read your recent comments concerning the fulfillment of the examination of our consciences and am astounded! They closely parallel what I have disclosed to you. The Dark Forces depend upon our spiritual shortcomings, fear and weakened faith to prevent our holy matrimony with the Lamb of God. I have strong convictions that you will be having more to say in the very near future. Our only refuge is in Jesus as opposed to this transitory material world from which we are now…very painfully…being separated.

I am providing this information to you from both corrected scientific, as well from a purely scriptural perspectives in these epic times, as the transition from Darkness to Light is taking place.

Peace Be With You


Garabandal and the Comet Five Times Greater than Jupiter Approaching the Earth (video) (discernment advised)