In England ‘explosion’ – Huge ‘fireball’ lights up sky above city (Developing Story)

Residents have been left shocked after a “massive explosion” rocked a UK city.

Locals in Oxford took to social media to share photographs and videos of the fireball lighting up the night sky at around 7:45pm this evening.

Emergency services were seen rushing to the scene, near Yarnton, as some locals also reported they temporarily lost power.

One social media user wrote: “Something big just went off towards Woodstock… Airport? Direction? Any ideas? The sky was glowing for about 2 minutes then it just disappeared. Like an explosion on the horizon.”

Residents report seeing ‘flames in the distance’

A social media user has reported seeing flames amid the suspected lightning strike.

Mahmet Ciftci posted on X: “Just saw something here in Kidlington that looked like an explosion in the distance.

“We heard a rumble like thunder and saw flames in the distance. The horizon went orange for a while.”

The true cause behind the explosion remains unconfirmed.