How to align with the purpose for which God created the universe.

We live in a universe with a purpose, God created it with a specific morality.

And to express a central virtue, love.

Therefore, human beings, created in the image and likeness of God, have a purpose in life.

We must abide by the morality of creation to live a full, happy and fruitful life.

The revelations of God, through Jesus Christ, the prophets and the very physical elements of His creation that surround us, indicate that purpose.

Here we will expose the 10 transforming truths about the purpose of our lives, which are validated by contemporary evidence and by the revelation that God has been making through thousands of years.  

And this lead to a happy and fruitful life if you live according to them; and to a disastrous life if we rebel.

Father Robert Spitzer, Jesuit, founder of the Magis Center, has done a tremendous job compiling the ten transformative truths that come from the “light of reason” through the natural sciences, medicine, logic, philosophy, psychology and anthropology, on the one hand, and the revelation of Jesus Christ on the other.

Each of these transformative truths has the capacity to make life-enhancing transformations.

In the way we see ourselves, in the sense of happiness, in our own self-esteem and identity, and in the ethics and meaning of suffering.

And each one too, will improve our ability to contribute to the family, community, society, the common good and the Kingdom of God.

If even one of these truths is neglected, it could cause us to significantly underestimate our destiny.

Truth #1: God exists.

God, the creator of everything that is and will be, exists and is present to all of us.

He is omniscient and omnipotent, and we can know him and know what he wants for us.

Truth #2: Jesus Christ is with us .

Jesus Christ indicated during His ministry that He was the only Son of the Father and Emmanuel, “God with us”.

And He revealed it through His ministry of healing, exorcism, and resurrection of the dead, by His own authority and power.

After rising from the dead, he sent the Holy Spirit, the personal power of God, to his disciples and to the Church.

Truth #3: God loves us above all things.

Jesus, speaking as the only Son of the Father, revealed that God is love, calling him “Abba”, “Dad”, and comparing him to the father of the prodigal son, Luke 15.

We can be sure that God, the Father of Jesus Christ, cares about saving us and taking us to His heavenly kingdom to live eternal life.

We just need to sincerely turn to Him in prayer, like the tormented tax collector saying, ‘God have mercy on me a sinner!’, Luke 18.

Truth #4: We have a transphysical soul.

We are transcendent beings with transphysical souls, destined for eternal life in the love of God. 

If we live without considering our transcendental and eternal nature, we will “live less” our lives, we will underestimate our dignity and we will be unhappy.

Truth #5: There are Four Levels of Happiness

We have four areas that drive our happiness, and when they are met in some balanced way, it will make us happy. 

But they can become unbalanced, and that will make us unhappy.

Our dominant vision of what happiness is will become our purpose in life and even our self-definition or identity.

These four areas that can lead us to happiness if we balance them are:

External, material objects that can be pleasant to us.

Ego satisfaction, for example, status, recognition, popularity, control, power, achievement, or any other comparative advantage.

The contribution or care to others, friends, family, communities, churches, society, culture, the kingdom of God.

Live for the eternal, spiritual and transcendent.

Truth #6: Only love in Christ will be ultimately satisfying

If we live for the levels of happiness that objects and ego satisfaction give us, as if they are ends in themselves and the only ways we can be happy, then we will begin to feel an increasing sense of emptiness, from neglecting others. the other people, and the spiritual and transcendent.

And we will also begin to experience emotions such as fear of losing external objects, esteem, jealousy, inferiority, contempt, self-pity, anger and guilt for not being sufficiently recognized, and other negative emotions, which weaken us and others. around us.

The way out of this malaise is to work for the love of God and neighbor as defined by Jesus in the Beatitudes; humble, gentle, compassionate and forgiving love .

Truth #7: God does not want us to suffer.

And it doesn’t cause suffering either. 

However, God must allow us to suffer as any parent must allow their child to go to school and into the real world, to make their own decisions, including mistakes.

That you may learn to be courageous in the face of fear, to hold back in the face of desire and passion, to be compassionate rather than dismissive of those who are vulnerable and in need, to choose the high road rather than the low road, and to choose God instead of place of the glories of this world.

And he stays by our side, with the highest empathy and compassion, during our suffering.

Truth #8: God Brings Good Out of All Suffering

God uses every bit of our suffering to lead us into His eternal life of unconditional love and joy.

He will use that suffering to help us achieve virtuous, loving, and transcendent behavior, enabling us to help others achieve virtue, love, and transcendence.

When we recognize this, we can transform our suffering, from an experience of isolation and bitterness, to an experience of identity transformation, surrender and transcendence.

And also our suffering, united to that of Christ, can supernaturally help others when we give it to Him.

Truth #9: We are spiritual beings influenced by good and evil spirits

Due to our transcendent, transphysical, and eternal nature, we are also spiritual beings, and we are subject to the suggestions and impressions of other spiritual beings.

In particular to a spirit that loves us and calls us to eternal love, the Holy Spirit, and other spirits that do not love us and are trying to lead us into their own narcissism and darkness, the evil spirits.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we are caught in a cosmic struggle between good and evil.

In which the Holy Spirit, plus the good angels, direct us to contribute to the cause of love and goodness, and the evil spirits call us to their side, for the cause of narcissism and darkness.

Truth #10: There are Ways to Defend Yourself from Evil and Contribute to the Kingdom of God

According to Jesus, in order to protect ourselves against evil influences and make a contribution on the side of love and goodness – rather than on the side of evil and darkness – we must belong to a church community, pray regularly, practice a moral code, and reflect over the scriptures in prayer.

Even still practicing these interrelated habits of life, we are quite vulnerable to the incursion of evil and we have resistance to good and love.

But without them, we are virtually defenseless.

Well, so far what we wanted to tell you about the 10 truths that will transform your life, if you incorporate them and define them as your way of conducting yourself, that is why it is important that you spread them as catechism among your friends.

And I would like to ask you if there is anything else that you consider beneficially life transforming or not?