Medjugorje – Mirjana was told by the Blessed Mother – “Unbelievers do not know what awaits them…I suffer because of them”

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Friday, October 25, 1985 Mirjana: When she appeared, the Blessed Virgin greeted me, “Praised be Jesus.” Then she spoke of unbelievers: “They are my children. I suffer because of them. They do not know what awaits them. You must pray more for them.”

We prayed with her for the weak, the unfortunate, and the forsaken. After the prayer, she blessed us. Then she showed me, as in a film, the realization of the first secret. The earth was desolate. It is the upheaval of a region of the world. She was precise. I cried. Why so soon?, I asked. “In the world, there are so many sins. What can I do, if you do not help me. Remember, that I love you.”

How can God have such a hard heart? “God does not have a hard heart. Look around you and see what men do, then you will no longer say that God has a hard heart. How many people come to church, to the house of God, with respect, a strong faith, and love of God? Very few! Here you have a time of grace and conversion. It is necessary to use it well.”

To Mirjana: “Pray very much for Father Petar, to whom I send a special blessing. I am a mother, that is why I come. You must not fear for I am there.”

Fr. Petar Ljubicic had been chosen by Mirjana to unveil to the world the first three warnings, three days before each event.

One thought on “Medjugorje – Mirjana was told by the Blessed Mother – “Unbelievers do not know what awaits them…I suffer because of them”

  • I want to believe in the validity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Something about it doesn’t ring true to me. But Fatima? Yes, I believe. And if any other Catholics out there like me, who are praying and meditating on the Holy Rosary and petitioning God for the belief of unbelievers to believe we wouldn’t be SIDETRACKED by all the external nonsense which effectively stops us from doing the will of God. Like: is this for real? Is the Virgin really here? Yadayadaya. Pray. Unceasingly. Sacrifice money and self for others. Support your family. Tithe. Teach your children and remember you are your brothers keeper. Pray for Pope Francis, too, for real!

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