“There is no doubt that we have now entered the time of trials”

Source Fr. Livio’s Blog

Dear Father Livio 

I haven’t written to you in a while. I take this opportunity to thank you for the courage with which you carry forward the diffusion of Our Lady’s messages, but above all the attempt to understand, together with the help of us radio listeners, the immediate scenarios that are emerging.

What I would like to share with you is the theme of waiting which you have already discussed several times in your radio interventions. As we watch the wars, deaths and destruction unfold, our hearts ache and our souls are sad. We ardently desire that everything ends and that the triumph of Mary’s immaculate heart occurs in the shortest possible time.

Unfortunately, events must happen for our good and these events have a duration over time. It is true that events partly depend on our response, but it is also true in my opinion that we must have the courage to say that the time of tribulation will not be short .

World War III has begun. Pope Francis has said several times that we are in the midst of a piecemeal third world war but I believe that one day in the history books, February 24, 2022, will be remembered as the beginning of the third world war.

We must have the courage to say that the duration of the war will be long. The First World War lasted four years, the second seven and, considering that we are the most sinful humanity in history, the Third World War will last a long time.

 Maria is here to stop Russia from ruling the world. I think that Russia will achieve most of its goals and this will last a long time, but Our Lady will prevent the establishment of the new empire. We did not end up under the German Empire in World War II and we will not end up under the Russian Empire in World War III, but either way the war will be long and terrible. 

By accepting the reality of the facts and praying for peace we will find comfort.

A hug 


Dear Roberto,

There is no doubt that we have now entered the time of trials, even if not yet that of secrets. We don’t know when they begin and when they end. Let us entrust ourselves to God and arm ourselves with prayer, patience and perseverance.

Our concern must first of all be to preserve the faith and bear witness to it, because this will certainly be the most insidious test.

Let’s not remain alone, but let’s help each other, and everything will become easier. We form prayer and mutual support groups with brothers who recognize themselves in Jesus and Mary.

Our points of reference are the Queen of Peace, the Pope and the Catholic Church, because the power of evil is increasingly manifesting itself with its power of deception and seduction.

The days must be faced one after the other, as a gift from God to be welcomed and lived, in the certainty of his help and protection.

In my opinion, comparisons cannot be made with the previous world war because in the time of secrets Mary will make herself felt with her presence, her messages and above all by revealing the events that will happen three days before.

All this will be felt in the conscience of the people and will cause the rapid collapse of the world without God and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

Let us therefore enter this time of grace with a strong and serene soul, keeping our gaze fixed on the goal of light towards which the Madonna guides us under the shelter of her mantle.

Ave Maria

Father Livio