Medjugorje. Recite this very strong Prayer of Liberation and Healing in the night …

We want to share with you this beautiful prayer from Medjugorje. The prayer of healing and release of body and spirit held in the church of St. James in Medjugorje. It is about the prayer of healing and liberation. Let us listen to the words of the Lord. Let us learn to love as Christ has loved us.

Jesus the Savior,
My Lord and my God,
that you redeemed us with the sacrifice of the Cross
and you have defeated the power of satan,
please free me / (to free me and my family)
from every evil presence
and from every influence of the evil one.
I ask you in Your Name,
I ask you for Your Wounds,
I ask you for Your Blood,
I ask you for Your Cross,
I ask you for intercession
of Mary Immaculate and Sorrowful.

Blood and water
that spring from your side
come down on me / (us) to purify (purify us)
to free me / (free ourselves) to heal / (to heal).




St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in the battle
against the pitfalls and wickedness of the devil,
be our help.
â € œI ask you suppliants
that the Lord commands it.

And you, prince of the celestial militia,
with the power that comes to you from God,
push back into hell Satan and the other evil spirits,
who roam the world in perdition of the soul.


Papaboys editorial staff