Medjugorje Today: Our Lady’s Mysterious Prayer for Ukraine | Mirjana: ” The realization of the first secret, there was upheaval in a region of the world”

It’s been reported that Russia has a plot to justify an invasion of Ukraine and this has sparked fears of World War 3. US foreign policy experts warn that escalating tensions may trigger a major conflict.

With this knowledge it is interesting to note that on the 40th anniversary date of the apparitions at Medjugorje, June 25, 2021, the Visionary Marija revealed that she asked Our Lady to pray for Ukraine.

Marija says the Holy Mother responded and prayed “an intense prayer” with a Bishop from Ukraine who was present.

The great mystery is that Our Lady prayed this “intense” prayer for peace in her native tongue in Aramaic, which is a rare occurrence.

Here is what Marija said in an interview on Radio Maria.
“ Today Our Lady was clad in gold. Together with a bishop who arrived from Ukraine where at this moment there is a war and who was next to me at the time of the apparition, we asked Our Lady for help and she prayed in Aramaic, her mother tongue.

Every time she prays this way we do not know what she says but it is an intense prayer and we believe that there will be a sign for peace in Ukraine where uncertainties and clouds of war and hatred prevail.

Our Lady told us that she accepted our prayers and she will present them to Her Son Jesus.

With the dangerous developments emerging along the border of Ukraine and Russia it is interesting to recall that the Medjugorje secrets are said to begin after a conflict in “a region of the world”.

In a dramatic message, the visionary Mirjana said Our Lady “showed me, like in a movie, the realization of the first secret. The earth was desolate and there was upheaval in a region of the world”

Mirjana says that seeing this revelation made her cry. But then Our Lady told her that man brings this on himself because there are too many sins in the world.

Will the Ukraine / Russia crisis be a harbinger of the realization of the secrets? Signs are certainly now coming from a region of the world.

Let us keep in mind the most important thing which is our personal conversion.

But also, through her presence at Medjugorje, she wants to awaken our awareness to the fact that we are engaged in a battle that involves nations, societies and cultures, and every individual residing in them.

In one of the first messages, the Holy Mother said: A great battle is about to take place. A battle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”

Today, as the spirit of the anti-christ spreads throughout our culture like never before, it is worth remembering that Mirjana knows the exact date when the first secret will be announced and that the Priest tasked with revealing the ten secrets has said “We are getting closer and closer.”?