The Missing “Wonder of it all”.. USA Catholic Press Misses Mark on Reporting of Vatican’s Historical Findings of the Supernatural Nature of Medjugorje… Goosebump Moments Not Reported

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By Stephen Ryan Publisher of Mystic Post
Last night I was thinking about the Ruini Commission’s investigative report on Medjugorje. I was thinking about the commission’s findings of the so-called “early days” – the first seven days of apparitions the Vatican Commission found to be “supernatural in nature”.
I was asking myself:  “What did these men encounter?”
Roman Catholic priests in clerical clothing Vienna
13 out of 14 world-class experts concluded something incredible was experienced by the children of Medjugorje.
I mean think about this for a moment… The wonder and amazement inside these men’s hearts and minds, as each member came to discover that there was no earthly explanation for the events experienced by the visionaries, must have been an extraordinary moment.
13 out of 14 members of the Vatican commission believe the children saw and spoke to the Virgin Mary.
In a most rudimentary way, this is an astonishing and quite frankly historical admission by a team of experts put together by the Vatican.
I would love to have been a fly on the wall when this group met privately and shared their personal views.
There must have been goosebumps at some point as each member shared their most intimate ativan lorazepam
feelings about the moment when they began to believe the Virgin Mary was actually appearing – literally arriving from Heaven – and speaking to simple children. They must have asked themselves a dozen times –  “But how can this be?”
The wonder of it all…
But where is the Catholic press on this extraordinary event?   Experts, hand-picked by the Vatican, say the Virgin Mary appeared to the children in Medjugorje?  Where is the sense of awe and wonder?
I think the Catholic press has not said enough about the “wonder” of it all. USA Catholic press reported the Ruini findings in a manner that was clinical and sterile. The reports sounded like a doctor’s briefing to a patient on the results of a colonoscopy.
I mean good golly 13 grown men who studied Medjugorje for 5 years concluded the Virgin Mary appeared to six children bringing messages to the world. The Virgin Mary came with a special message of peace. She called herself “The Queen of Peace.”  She came with an urgent plea for the world to return to prayer and to return to God.

She came to tell the world that God exists!!  …

And the Vatican commission recommended to the Pope that these events are worthy of belief and “authentic”.