Padre Pio and the miracle of the rain. ‘Do not be afraid. I will accompany you.’


One evening, having lingered at the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo, the repairman noticed, when leaving, that it was raining heavily. “ And I don’t even have a rain cover! “- he said to Padre Pio. “ Couldn’t you keep me here until tomorrow? Otherwise I will come out drenched like a chick . “

Padre Pio said: “ No my son, it is not possible. But don’t be afraid. I will accompany you . “

The engineer thought within himself that he would gladly do without this penance, even if softened by the spiritual assistance of Padre Pio. He raised his collar, kicked his hat on his head and bravely set out to travel the two kilometers that separated him from the town.

What was no wonder when he noticed, as soon as he left, that the downpour had suddenly calmed down. It was just drizzling when he arrived at the family who had rented them the room. “My Lady!” – exclaimed the woman, hearing the door open – “you must be wet to the bone!” . – “Not at all” – he replied – “it almost doesn’t rain anymore” .

Father Pio

The farmers looked at each other in amazement: “How does it not rain anymore? But it’s a real deluge. Listen! ” – they went out into the doorway and saw that it was actually raining cats and dogs . “ For an hour it has been raining relentlessly. How did you manage to go dry? “- ” Padre Pio said he accompanied me “-” Ah, if Padre Pio told you this … ” . The accident was over, they sat down at the table. – “ Definitely, ” said the woman, bringing the steaming plate of soup, “ surely the company of Padre Pio is worth more than all the rain covers!