Powerful prayers of physical and spiritual healing in the family, against all the evils of our time!

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PHYSICAL HEALING – JESUS, for our sake, you took upon us our sins and our infirmities and you died on the Cross to save us and heal us, to give us life. Jesus, crucified, you are the source of every grace and blessing. Now let us raise our eyes and our prayer for our healing and for all our sick people.


Jesus, have mercy on us.


Jesus, you suffered on the head by the crown of thorns and on the face by the slaps and spitting.

For these pains heal from headaches, migraines, cervical arthrosis, ulcers and any skin disease. Jesus, have mercy on us.

Jesus, you suffered blood-stained eyes and closed them by dying for us.

For these pains heal from the diseases of the eyes. It gives sight to the blind.

Jesus, have mercy on us.

Jesus, in your dying voice, you begged the Father to forgive your killers and with your hearing almost dead you received the prayer of the good thief. For this your love between sufferings, heal us from diseases in the ears, the nose, the throat. He gives the word to the dumb and the hearing to the deaf.

Jesus, have mercy on us.

Jesus, they nailed your hands and feet to the Cross.

This is why cruel pain heals from paralysis, arthrosis, rheumatism, from diseases to joints and bones. Let the lame walk.Hurt the disabled.

Jesus, have mercy on us.

Jesus, in the three hours of agony you suffered the thirst, the suffocation and then you died, uttering a loud cry, like crazy love for us.

For these your extreme pains heal from diseases to the bronchi, lungs, kidneys, mind and from every tumor and strange disease. Raises the dying.

Jesus, have mercy on us.

Jesus, they pierced you with a lance on your side, while your already dead body was covered with sores and blood.

For your pierced Heart and for your Blood poured to the last drop, heal us from diseases of the heart, breast, stomach, intestine, blood circulation and bleeding. Close our wounds.

Jesus, have mercy on us.

JESUS, we pray for the sick present or present in our intentions: family, relatives, friends, acquaintances.

We ask for healing for their own good and for the needs of their family.

At this moment we recommend you in particular … (mentally say the names, or in a low voice, or in a loud voice because the expectation of one is everyone’s prayer).

We recommend them for the intercession of the Virgin Mary who was beside You under the Cross.

We desire healing so that our faith may grow, more and more your Kingdom may be extended through signs and wonders.Jesus, if it is the Father’s will that diseases remain, we accept them right now. On your example we want to accept our cross with love.

But we ask you the strength to endure all pain and to unite it with your great sorrow for our good, our families, the Church, the world.

Thank you, Jesus, for what you will do for us and for our sick people, because we are convinced that whatever you do will always be a great blessing for all of us.


Jesus, when you were alive on this earth, moved to compassion towards the suffering and afflicted, you said to them: “Come to me you all who are fatigued and oppressed and I will refresh you”.

Many have accepted your invitation, they came to you and you gave them relief and peace.

You are alive today too. You have the same compassion and turn your sweet invitation to us too.

I too am tired and oppressed. I welcome your invitation. I come to you with all my inner world, full of pains and worries, of conflicts and complexes, of mental illnesses and disorders.

I place in your Sacred Heart all that oppresses me and prevents me from living peacefully.

With so much trust I pray you for the healing of all my psychic ills.

First of all I ask you to be healed from those moods that are possible cause or easy climate of sin and physical illnesses.

I am sure that you will also give me inner health for the glory of the Father and for the growth of my faith.

Heart of Jesus, I trust and I hope in you.