Fr. Livio has a popular blog for Radio Maria. His blog has become an historic resource for all things Medjugorje.

People from all over the world write Fr. Livio seeking answers about Our Lady and the meaning behind her time in Medjugorje.

Here is a question from “Simon” Lecco , Italy

“Fr. Livio, I would like to ask a question to which you are one of the few who can answer with broad-mindedness. In your opinion, which events in Medjugorje impressed you the most and which figures remain indelible in your memory?

Could you also mention the dangers that, in your opinion, Medjugorje has run over time?

With esteem and affection, I encourage you in this extraordinary undertaking.

Simona of Lecco

Dear Simona,

y story with Medjugorje began in 1982 and I went there for the first time in March 1985. Since then Medjugorje has been the reason of my life and still is more than ever.

My conviction regarding the truth of the apparitions by the grace of Heaven has never wavered. At the same time, from the very beginning, I noted the silent presence of the infernal serpent with his deadly deceptions, which go beyond our imagination.

These insidious traps recur continuously, almost always covered by the false light of an ambiguous piety and holiness. Sometimes they have exploded in a sensational way causing visible and incurable spiritual damage.

I wish I could say that the attacks don’t happen anymore, but I’d be doing Satan an injustice, who is a shrewd and tireless actor. Buts As far as I know, I can say that Our Lady has always won big.

I will offer you three of the realities that impressed me the most, I risk forgetting something important, so I apologize in advance.

First of all, the Medjugorje, in the first years, remains etched in my memory, the seriousness of the people, their simple and solid faith and their cordial welcome towards visitors which, in the first months of the apparitions, was heroic because of the difficulties of the police and the communist authorities. 

Secondly, an event that will remain in the history of evangelization is Vicka’s testimony with the pilgrims on the stairs of her father’s house, which lasted for decades, until Our Lady called her to a private life, for the reasons only she knows. I have witnessed a charity, spirituality, wisdom and dedication that are unique in the history of the world.

Thirdly, the apparitions to Mirjana on the 2nd of the month at the Blue Cross, where the visionary went to the end, despite her visible physical suffering. Mirjana made Our Lady present in her eyes and on her face and she transmitted us messages that will remain an inexhaustible source of spirituality for thirsty souls. Let us not forget the enormous responsibilities that weigh on Mirjana’s shoulders and let us pray for her.

All this and much more make up the indelible greatness of Medjugorje, which however must watch over the looming dangers and which the evil one is concocting, in view of the beginning of the secrets that Our Lady has revealed to the seers.

Ave Maria 

Fr. Livio