A photo (the video is not available at this time) appears to show a small statue of the Virgin Mary weeping and hundreds have now visited the church to witness the supposed miracle.

Churchgoers are claiming a miracle after a small statue of the Virgin Mary appeared to shed tears in a church.

The ‘crying’ figure in El Chanal, Mexico, has attracted believers and sceptics, with hundreds reportedly visiting the church to witness the weeping Virgin. Videos on social media show tiny water droplets seemingly coming out of the statue’s eyes and running down its face.

Local resident Victor Ramos said: “Similarly, when we cry, and our eyes become red, the same happens to the image. So a couple of tears started flowing. This is the event, the phenomenon that is happening here in the church.”


Many associate the Virgin’s tears with the prevailing insecurity in the state of Colima, currently immersed in a wave of violence. Victor added: “We can associate it with… the violence rates that are being experienced here in the state of Colima, also here in the community.”