Recite this powerful prayer to the miraculous Madonna tonight, you will receive great benefits


This prayer is called this way because it is done while the person concerned is sleeping. Jesus himself will wake us up when he sleeps.

It is recited while the person is asleep because the purpose of this prayer is to heal the subconscious of the person and the subconscious is awake when he is sleeping. During this prayer we lend our whole being to Jesus, we invite him to come with us where the person is.

He can love  in body and soul and we accompany him with the spirit. Let us pray on an area of ​​the person’s life that is damaged. If we do not know this area simply let us offer it to Jesus and ask him to act on it. Generally this prayer gives good results.

If sometimes, especially at night, it should be skipped because the person has not woken up or maybe during the day he has forgotten, he should not worry because it is Jesus who heals and he knows everything about the person to whom the prayer is addressed. You can continue the next day without any problem.

“Jesus, I firmly believe that You know everything, you can do everything and you want for all our greater good.

Now I beg you, approach this brother of mine who finds himself in discomfort and suffering. I follow you in adoration with the heart and with my Guardian Angel. Put your Holy Hand on his head, let him feel the beats of Your Heart, let him experience Your ineffable Love, reveal to him that Your Divine Father is also his Father and that you both have always loved him and you are always been close, even when he did not think about it and did not love you as much as he should.


Jesus, make sure there is nothing to fear, and that every problem and distress can be solved with your almighty help and your unfathomable love. Jesus, embrace, comfort him, free him, heal him, especially in that area and from that evil, from the suffering he suffers. Amen. My Lord Jesus, thank you for Your unfailing Love. Thank you, because you never fail to meet your promises.Thank you for your wonderful blessings. Thank you because you are our God, our true joy, our all. Amen!”