Spain on Alert as Giant Asian Hornets Kill their First Victim. If not contained may cause permanent damage to USA ecosystems.

A MAN has died in Santiago, Galicia, Spain after being stung by a Giant Asian Hornet

A 54-year-old man lost his life yesterday in Santiago – northwest Spain’s Galicia region, as a result of the sting of a giant Asian hornet, after discovering that there was a nest next to the hives that he looked after which were located very close to his home.

Paramedics were quick to respond to the scene in Villestro but sadly the man was dead when they got there, the man’s friend, a fellow beekeeper, had called the emergency services when he found his friend on the floor close to a hive.

Reportedly, the insect had stung the man on the eyebrow which proved fatal, the deadly creature then flew off leaving the victim dead.

  • Asiangiant hornets, known by their horrifying nickname ‘murder hornets’ have

    been spotted for the first time in the US recently.

  • As the world’s largest hornets, these insects can grow up to two inches long and are capable of slaughtering entire colonies of bees and even killing people.

  • Up to 50 people a year are killed by giant hornets in Japan alone.

  • Researchers fear that if the hornets aren’t contained now, then they might establish themselves in the US permanently and cause damage to ecosystems.