The powerful ancient prayer against epidemics and pestilences (including Caronavirus) …”In the dark and sad moments of the history of humanity we cling to faith and return to prayer.”

In the dark and sad moments of the history of humanity we cling to faith and return to prayer.

This ancient prayer is a powerful viaticum to combat any epidemic and pestilence. Let’s recite it with devotion in these difficult moments.


Before addressing any prayer to the Lord, one must always be fully aware of a truth: being able to accept in our hearts that God’s response can be different from our expectations. 

To do this, Jesus Christ himself has indicated to us the appropriate way of addressing him. ” Father, remove this cup from me but my will not be done, but yours “.

Another question that often runs through our mind is this:  why ask God if he knows what we need?” The answer is simple. It is as if we stop saying I love you to the person next to us with the justification of saying so much do you know what I repeat it to do? So also God. The Father wants to listen to our prayers even if he already knows very well what we want to ask and what we desire.


The powerful prayer to defend ourselves from epidemics and calamities

Lord, we ask you with our prayer that always comes from listening to your word, from the heart and not only from the lips, to look at all humanity infected by the plague of this time that sows death, stretch out your hand, stop this evil which is spreading all over the world, we are Your children Lord, and a Father cannot fail to listen to our prayers. We ask you by invoking the intercession of Your and our Mother Mary. Amen

The Video of Prayer


Let us remember that nothing is impossible for God. With the prayer made with authentic faith extraordinary results can be obtained. So let us pray together that the Lord will give strength, support and healing to all the sick and their loved ones.