On May 19, 2022, in a conversation with editors of a Jesuit Magazine in Italy about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Pope Francis said: ‘World War III has been declared.’

Pope Francis is reminding the world that the conflict in Europe is not only between Ukraine and Russia, but rather he declares we are experiencing a violent confrontation between Russia and Western culture. This historical event is not properly understood because we have not not listened to Our Lady at Fatima.

We have chosen sides and we only listen to the propaganda of Russia or the Western media The war in Ukraine is best understood if we carefully read the Fatima message that asks for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope accompanied by all the bishops.

And if we read the words of the Fatima Seers we can draw the right conclusions, that is, Russia was chosen by Heaven to regulate either the punishment of the world or its re-Christianization.

Russia’s birth as a nation in Kyiv in the 10th century indicates that Ukraine is also part of this history, and therefore what happens in Ukraine is key to the development of the end times.

Today we are witnesses to the most prophetic conflict there has ever been. In this video we will talk about what Our Lady actually prophesied in Fatima and we will show why Russia can become the nation that leads the Christian evangelization of the world or it will put forth in motion events that will produce a gigantic tribulation.

And we Catholics across the globe are actors in this great drama and not just extras on this stage.